Starve the Doubts

Your Business Techie with Shey Keith

August 06, 2021 Jared Easley
Starve the Doubts
Your Business Techie with Shey Keith
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Shey Keith is a 30 year veteran of tech (programmer analyst, blogger, podcaster) where she teaches TECH skills needed for an online business. She also loves lakes, losing a ton of weight via fittr, travel to exotic locations, horses, and Jack Daniels.

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[00:00:00] Jared Easley: go back to starve. The downside of your host charities. Leave today. My special co-host is Jeremy Shandon aid, Jeremy. Hey Jared, how you doing? I'm glad to be here. Well, Jeremy, it is a thrill, but you're not here for me. And I'm not even here for me. We're here for our guests today and that is shaky. Shay Keith in the house now from Shay, Shay has got one, a heck of a story.

First of all. Welcome Shea. 

Shey Keith: Thank you very much for inviting me 

Jared Easley: to be here. I'll show you. Would you be willing to share with us where we're recording this 

Shey Keith: podcast? We are in Jack Daniel's restaurant, I believe is what they call it here in the beautiful gay Lords opera land resort in 

Jared Easley: the Nashville, Tennessee.

Um, I have never recorded a podcast in a Jack Daniel's restaurant. Have you Jeremy? I have not, but I've drank in one. He's acknowledged that he's partaken of Jack Daniels, but not a [00:01:00] podcast in the restaurant. Okay. Jeremy, you're relieved of your co-hosts. Thank you so much. And I'm just kidding. So Shea, we're excited that you're here.

And, uh, first of all, Shay, for those that haven't heard, what concert you like, uh, what's the best concert you've been to? 

Shey Keith: Which what what'd you say 

Jared Easley: it's kind of hard to hear in here. What's the best concert that you've 

Shey Keith: been to? Oh my gosh. So funny that you asked me this, because I was just telling myself the other day, I'm like, why do people go to concerts all the time?

Because I just don't really enjoy them all that much. I've been to several just to correct. You guys. Don't give me that fun. Honestly, I can't think of my favorite. The only one that really comes to mind is the very first one I ever went to, which was Motley 

Jared Easley: crew. Molly crew. There you go. I wouldn't have guessed that.

Shey Keith: Yeah. What year was that? 1987. The year I graduated from high school. Hating 

Jared Easley: yourself. Now I shut up a young, a young spring chicken, as we say now, say I, uh, I have nothing against Motley crew, so I think that's an excellent. But Shea, let's just [00:02:00] talk a little bit about you and what's happened to you in the last year plus not the pandemic, but you've been on a quest of your own.

And, uh, I've been excited to sit down with you and just chat, even if it's just for a few minutes about your journey and kind of where you were and where you are now. So let's, I know that's a big tease, but, but let's kind of fill people in. You're not the Shea Keith from a year or even two years ago.

You're a different shade, Keith. Now, 

Shey Keith: That's true. And 

Jared Easley: to go with that star of the Dallas whole theme here, what did you doubt that you could do lose the weight? So Shay had a podcast when I first met her called slender safari, and I always thought that podcast should have lasted longer than it. But, uh, let's not talk about all that just yet.

All right. So Shea, let's talk about, so obviously you've kind of teased it and you've clued us in a little bit. You have Trent, you've had, you got a transformation. Let's, that's exactly what it is. You got to, you're not the same shaky. [00:03:00] So who are you, Shea? What happened to you? What the hell will you disappear for during the pandemic?

And then you come back like a skinny person and then. All, all the spam people are embarrassed. 

Shey Keith: You guys are embarrassing me. I wish I could say I'm a skinny person. I'm still a long way from reaching those goals. But I will say that I lost 65 pounds during the COVID pandemic. And it was a lot of hard work.

And I mean, I won't sugar coat that it was me learning how to eat differently. I had an exercise. I had a coach that really helped me reach my goal. And to be honest, you know, this year, people might remember me as Shea harms. I've been on your podcast before. And I went through a divorce this past year in between the divorce vacations life in general, going back to the office.

Now that COVID is over, I've actually put some weight back on and I told the coach I've been working with, I said, Hey look. I can't do this right now. I'm going to wait till after my birthday's over the summer, which is cut, coming up in a couple of weeks and then I'm going to get back on it. But, you know, there's just been so many things happening in the [00:04:00] summer that it's hard to keep going with all that stuff.

But I do know that I have a process in place. I know how to get right back into my routines and I'm excited to get back to it because I can't wait to actually hit the ultimate goal. When I can say I've been in that hundred pound loss club. Cause you know, you and I talked about that before, Jared, it's a big deal to lose a hundred pounds.

Jared Easley: My co-host was holding the mic and didn't say anything, but I you're. Right. It is a big deal that you've lost as much weight. Did you have? Congratulations. And I, for one, couldn't be more happy for you. I know the dedication and the, the real commitment you've put into this and this isn't something that really started.

And this last year, I mean, it's something you've kind of yo-yo and you've battled with over the years, but something about this last year, just really stuck. So, so maybe take us back to that, that moment when, uh, you were just sick of being sick, maybe like what, what? Cause, cause you've had these moments probably like, Hey, I'm going to do this.

And then life happens. They, I, I think we all can relate to that. But what, uh, what was [00:05:00] it about this point? We were just like, no, you know what I'm really going to do. And now here we are. 

Shey Keith: It's kind of a funny story. So back in 2019, I had to have a hysterectomy and which I know you guys can't relate to that, but when I had a hysterectomy, you know, they dope you up with all the drugs to go through the anesthesia and everything that they put you through and you feel really good because.

Feel any pain. I mean, you have a little bit of pain from the surgery, but the rest of your body feels really good. When everything started wearing off, I was like, holy crap. My body hurts. And I had already seen like a physical transformation just from having hysterectomy, because at the time I had basically what looked like a six month pregnancy, which is why I had the hysterectomy.

And when I had that removed my stomach a little flatter and I'm like, I want to see how far I can take it. So for me, it was partly just, I wanted to see a physical transformation, but I also didn't want to deal with the physical pains because at that point in time, I had just turned 50 years old and it was important for me to say, look, I want to live the second half of my life as a [00:06:00] strong, independent woman that doesn't have to rely on people to like push her around in a wheelchair or something crazy.

Like. And that was really the motivation. And the other thing was one of the guys I work with, he had had a really good transformation here. He lost like 50 pounds himself and he was from India and I reached out to him. I said, look, show me what you did to lose the weight. So he introduced me to this company called fitter, which is based in India.

And I went out there and looked for a coach that I thought would really work for me. And they have hundreds of coaches, but I found this guy in India and I'm like, okay, I'm going to trust this guy. And this guy was perfect for me because he was somebody that basically lays down the law. And you just like, you better follow what he says.

And that was probably the biggest transformation part for me is because mana, Angie was just such an awesome person. He was always supporting me every time I fell off the path, he was like, Hey, Shay, what are you doing? Why are you. And I would just slip back to my old habits and he would quickly course correct me.

So between having him as my coach and [00:07:00] just wanting to feel better, it was probably about four weeks after I started weightlifting that I, oh my gosh, I can jump up off the floor. Now. It doesn't hurt to like sit on the floor and then try to stand up off the floor. So having all of those things, it just kept motivating me.

And then once I had lost, like, you know, wait for two months, maybe three months, everybody started to notice. And everybody's comments were fueling my fire. So I just kept saying, all right, people seem to like what I'm doing, I'm just going to keep doing this. So there was motivation from both sides. Part of it was just me wanting to follow the coach.

And the other part was just wanting to see, how far can I take this? So then I set some goals that said that I want to be the most transformed. With fitter and in 2020, well, then COVID happened and they had to shut down their transformation, the end year transformation. And that kind of killed my spirits because I was one of like 40 going to India, and then they're going to do it for 2021.

And then it got canceled again because of COVID. So now I'm hoping that maybe 20, 22 is going to be my year. I still haven't reached my goals and I've [00:08:00] realized you get a little older and just taking my time. Isn't such a bad thing. I'm still losing. I'm still having really good positive effects. So that's kind of where, what trans made me transform and why I stuck with it this long.

Where were the doubts that you had going into this one compared to the doubts you had? I think the biggest out was can I do it for this long? Because I knew, I mean, my coach kept reminding me this isn't going to happen overnight. You know, this is a long journey. This is something that you just it's a lifestyle.

You have to learn to change how you eat. As I'm sitting here, looking at this beautiful cheeseburger with brisket and all these French fries and drinks in front of me, the check Daniels dress. But it is a lifestyle change. And the nice thing is, is like when I do leave a vacation, I go back home. I know that I just have to pull out the foods that helped me lose the weight to begin with, which is a lot of beef and rice and chicken and rice, and a lot of eggs.

As long as I stick to what works for me, [00:09:00] I can usually get right back on. I mean, 

Jared Easley: this is, this is really amazing stuff, Shea, and I hope that someone other than just Jeremy and I will like, just say, we're proud of you, but actually, uh, take some notes. Now say you mentioned that your birthday's coming up, you had a birthday two years ago.

And Jeremy and I were fortunate, I think is the right word too. I would agree with that to be a part of that birthday. Tell us, tell us about that birthday. 

Shey Keith: That was probably the best birthday ever. So I came down here or came to podcast maybe. Which was in Florida, I believe at Disney world. Right. And Jared, you surprise me by taking me out to dinner that night.

And there was you and I and Jeremy, and a couple of other guys, Chris Murphy, and some other folks that all went together to a really cool Mexican restaurant where we had fajitas. I think that's what they were known for. Right. It's a Behita based restaurant. Had amazing fajitas. I remember on the car ride [00:10:00] over there, Jared kept saying, you have to try the sangria and I'm not a big sangria fan, but Jared was pretty insistent.

So I bought the sangria. And then at the end, I was so full from all this food. I think we had guacamole that night, too, man. And then they brought out this pinata, the made out of chocolate with all this food inside it. I have never seen anything like it before. And I bragged about this to all my friends, cause it was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

So they gave me this little bitty baseball bat and I had to break this chocolate pinata and all this food comes out of it. And then you dip it into this amazing. And after we were stuffed, we decided to go play or go ride some go-karts at Mario. I believe it was called

We went over there and we go cards. And this was the day after my ex-husband had just bought me a surfboard. And I had like really worn out my forearms, trying to get up all that stuff. So I'm trying to keep up with you guys. And you're like spinning around me a hundred miles an hour and I can't keep up.

So I'm the loser of that little [00:11:00] race, but it was a lot of fun and it was a very good memory and I was happy to celebrate my 50th birthday with some awesome friends. I agree. 

Jared Easley: That was the most fun I've had in a long time. And I agree that surfing is excellent in Kansas.

Shey Keith: Wake surfing behind a boat. You are queen of the lakes, right? I just, me I'm like crazy. 

Jared Easley: Hey, let's talk about lakes for a second. Okay. Because people may not know that about you. If they're not, uh, you know, staying in touch with all things shaky, what are some lakes that you just really love? And, and what are some things that you enjoy about lakes?

Why, why, why is lakes a passion? 

Shey Keith: Oh man. So after slender safari, and I'd had that podcast, I actually went down the lake world and I started a podcast and website called lake authority that turned into lakes in and I was late. I grew up on like the Ozarks in Missouri, which is, was rated the number one, recreational lake, according to USA today, about four years ago now.

[00:12:00] But I love lake life. You know, I, parents took me there every summer. We had houses, lake cabins and, uh, as I grew up, I had a chance to just really enjoy that experience. I learned how to water ski when I was eight years old, my whole family was skiing on one. When I was nine years old, my brother started competing just at a small.

And it just became part of my life. And there was a brief period of my adult life, where I got into horses and I kind of put the lake life aside. And after about 15 years, I switched back into like world. And I just, I love it. I mean, like crazy. It's something that I hope someday I can get that relaunched again.

When I have time, but it's like life. It's just who I am. I just really enjoy being on the water. I like wake surfing. I like water skiing. I like boating. I like swimming. And I like sailing. If it's at a lake, you can count on me being there. If you haven't 

Jared Easley: noticed yet 

Shey Keith: we're not swiping left or swiping.


Jared Easley: Jeremy, I don't get that reference. I'm I'm a happily married man. And I, and I thought you were too, [00:13:00] so shit. Let's just talk a minute about your latest opportunity, which is tech activity. Tell us about the name, tell us what that means. People are like tech, who texts. W I don't understand it. What, what is texting?

Shey Keith: So texts activity is who I am. I'm a techie. I've been a techie ever since 1988. When I started working in a Boeing airplane manufacturer. And I started playing around with computers for the first time. And I just grew up with computers. I was never afraid of them. I just kept playing with him until I could figure out.

And then back in 2010, I decided I want to have an online business. And I thought I need to learn how to build a website. So I learned, I got into WordPress, I took some web design classes. I learned how to match colors and fonts and just create all kinds of fun stuff. And at that time I was just like, I don't know what I'm going to do with this, but I'm just going to learn how to do it.

And then I went to a couple of conferences where I first met you Jared, back in the day. I think it was 2013. [00:14:00] And that's when I learned about podcasting and I got into that world. So now I knew WordPress. Now I knew podcasting. And then later I got into videos and editing videos and I created a YouTube channel.

And I just kind of am that person that when it comes to tech, it doesn't intimidate me. And I've been an it developer program. For 30 years now. So I love computers. I love everything techie. And what I have discovered is that most people that are like my age that are around 50 and older, they're scared of tech.

They're literally afraid they're going to bring the internet down. So that's where tech city was formed. It's like I wanted people to know that if they need a tech guru, that's going to support them with all online business needs. They can count. So I've just basically, I've just launched my new membership course, and it's just a place where people can get help.

If they have questions, they can reach out to me every single day through my forms. I have a bi-weekly Q and A's or people can say, Hey, I have this more in-depth question. And I even do video responses. So when people are like, I'm stuck, I don't know how to make [00:15:00] this work. I'll do screenshots and captures of however to do that.

So I focus pretty much on a text. WordPress and different tools like convert kit. And I use ELA mentor for WordPress. And then I just teach people like how you build a course on there. How do you build a membership? How do you launch a podcast? How do you launch your YouTube channel? And then how do you do stuff?

Like set up Google analytics? How do you actually set up Google workspace for your business? Just all these little things. Do you kind of take for granted because we've all been in this world for so long. And I just go back to the basics and help people. You know, there may be they're starting out and they just don't have a lot of time or a lot of money, but they've got to figure out how to get this done so they can get their business launched.

And that's what tech city is all about. Let the 

Jared Easley: record reflect that my podcast, when I just launched back whenever that was 2013 or whatever I launched because I had Shea harms 

Shey Keith: helping me out. That is true. I'm surprised you 

Jared Easley: remember it? I do remember. I do remember. I was like, Fay, can you remind me what to do?

She was like, let me get my [00:16:00] notes. 

Shey Keith: I think that's kind of how we started to is, uh, Y 

Jared Easley: actually through pat Flynn, 

Shey Keith: we were going through the, kind of the same stuff at the beginning, going through courses of different stuff and trying to figure out websites and things like that. And social media. Yes. Oh my gosh.

Jared Easley: All right. So. We've talked about lakes. We've talked about tech, we've talked about the incredible shrinking Shea. You have a new interest in your life. Shea. Can we talk about 

Shey Keith: that? Are you referring to Sam? 

Jared Easley: Yeah. Sam is not an acronym. That's an actual first name. Jeremy. I hear he's elevating. He's a dancer say I've known you to do some crazy stuff for cut.

A rug was now one of them. Shay is coughing, literally because she's laughing and she's, uh, I think she swallowed something and we're in Jack Daniels. So [00:17:00] don't judge don't judge her. Yes. 

Shey Keith: I've told Sam many times he would fit in with his crew. He's got the same kind of silly humor, goofy humor that you guys have.

And, uh, he's in Minnesota. I'm in Kansas. So we're seven and a half hours apart. So we're getting together in Iowa, halfway in between so that we can date each other. So he's met the family, they all love him. He's a Trekkie and my brother is a Trekkie and they kind of know the whole humor behind the red shirt in the red shirt is, you know, if you wear a red shirt on star Trek, you're going to be the first, the next guy that's going to die on the show.

So he comes to meet my family, wearing a red shirt, star Trek shirt. And of course they just started laughing cause they knew exactly what it meant. So that's the kind of sense of humor that Sam had. He's, uh, he's been a great blessing in my life and I'm excited to get to know him better. 

Jared Easley: Jimmy is a wonderful cohost.

He just, he just sits at all to Mike and nods and I'm like, you got to talk to him. It's a podcast. [00:18:00] Say congratulations on meeting Sam and congratulations on tech 70. You know what, now that we've seen, like you accomplish, like these big goals, uh, we know you love to travel. Uh, tell us a little bit about some of the travels you've had in the last couple of years you've been overseas.

So I know the pandemic hit that slowed down quite a bit, but, um, tell us about some of your travels and where you're hoping to go 

Shey Keith: in the future. That's so funny, you bring that up because I was just saying earlier that the last time I traveled was to podcast movement evolutions in California, right before the pandemic.

And the first time I traveled since I'm here at podcast movement. So in between, obviously I wasn't flying anywhere, but before that I went to Dubai and the country of Georgia 

Jared Easley: say it's still coughing. And, um, let the record again, reflect that we're at Jack Daniel's restaurant. And Shay is coughing. So Shay take your time.

You've earned it. So why don't Jeremy and I banter while we wait, uh, Jeremy, how's your burger? My burger. I have no idea. I haven't even had a chance to take [00:19:00] a taste. Oh, you haven't even taken a taste yet. You don't even talk on the podcast. So I'm a little bit worried about whether or not you're really hungry.

No, but I am very thirsty. Uh, I did notice that your Jack Daniel's glass is empty. Are you a fan? I'm a fan of Jack Daniels. Oh, they already did have last call. That's right. Shay is back Shane. You were talking about 

Shey Keith: travels. Yeah. So the last time I traveled, I went to Dubai and I went twice to Dubai in 2018.

The first time I only went for a few days, like six days. And then I flew to the country of Georgia for about five or six days. I think it was five days. And then flew back to Dubai. And I was like, you know what? I feel like I missed out on Dubai. That was the whole reason why I was trapped. So I made another trip and I went in December.

So the first time I went was during Ramadan, which is a Islam or Muslim holiday or holy period, not holiday, but holy people for them for 30 days. So it was interesting because it's hard to find restaurants, so we're open and if they were open, [00:20:00] they usually have all the windows and doors closed are hidden so that people couldn't see you eating.

The Muslims are fasting during that period of time, whenever it's daylight hours and at night, they would come out and have big feast. And so the malls will be open until like one or two o'clock in the morning. And then I went back. It was right before Christmas and everything was decorated with all the Christian holiday.

So it was kind of cool that a country that's primarily mothers. Has both flavors of religions over there, but I really love Dubai. And I had planned on going to India in 2020, and then that got canceled. And then I was going to get 20, 21 and it got canceled. So I'm hoping that one of these days I'm going to finally make it over to India and visit all my friends that I've met through.

speaking of friends over in Dubai, how did you get around? Who was he talking to? Yeah. I actually met a friend. I was learning Hindi at the time and my friend mamby. He was from India and he was [00:21:00] living in Dubai. And so he and I became friends and I went over to meet him in Dubai. And then he drove me around the city while he was taking time off from work.

So he would take a few hours, drive me around and go back to work. So it was awesome. It was nice to have a local there that knew the area. And then he flew over to Georgia with me, took a small vacation for himself. And the second time I went back again, he kind of did the same thing. So mommy was awesome.

I was really glad to have somebody that knows the area so well. And you know, the nice thing about Dubai is I felt so safe. There there's security guards everywhere. Now, granted, I didn't go to like, whatever it might be, the dark seedy places of Dubai, but I did go to some more of the lower income areas for different.

And I always felt very, very safe there and I really would love to go back someday. Now you were also doing photography at that time. Yeah, that was another thing I was going to do for a while. I was going to do, um, vacay with Shea and I still have that website as well. That was something I really wanted to get into being a [00:22:00] video, video blogger.

Basically I wanted to share all my video insights. I have thousands of video clips that I could put together someday and tell a great story. I just don't have enough time to do all that work. 

Jared Easley: No, I, I know that, uh, right now the focus is going to be on Sam and then on your health and then maybe a podcast, maybe tech 70, and then of course a lake, the lake would be up there with salmon.

Yep. Yep. Okay. Well, um, I'm gonna let you go because you have food and it's getting cold, but I really appreciate you. Just, um, just tell us a little bit about you and catching us up. I'm really proud of. Success and your weight loss and, and just all the things that you're have been talking about wanting to do for so long.

And now you're like really making strides and doing things. And I think that's an encouraging word here for people that are listening is a chaise, a great example of when you just get real focused or get real serious, you know, you can make some big things happen and she's done that. She's lost them.

She's getting her business going. She's doing some amazing [00:23:00] traveling, you know, she's got a great relationship going on right now. So she's just got a wonderful friends. And I think all of that is a testimony of her just treating others well and, and just doing, sticking with it, not giving up, uh, even when things weren't easy.

And you're always 

Shey Keith: positive, always positive, and you have no problem reaching out to 

Jared Easley: people for support. I agreed. So Jeremy, I'm gonna put you on the spot real quick. If, if you were to name a shaky first book, what would be the title of Shay's book based on your experience with Shea, how to be the best of the best.

Oh, it was picks up the better than that. That's like that's a little ass kissy,

how to always move forward 

Shey Keith: in life setting goals and 

Jared Easley: accomplishing them. All right. I don't like it. Jeremy is never going to have a bestseller. That's why I'm not a Rother. I'm not a Rother. I used to have some Jack Daniels.

[00:24:00] Man. If I was the name Shay's book, obviously it'd be a feed that out.

It'd be something like Kansas needs love too, or something like that. That Midwest is best, you know, so something, I don't know, I would come up with something with like something with, I don't know, I try to come up with something 

Shey Keith: good, but you got, you got different subjects. I mean, it was depending on the subject, but if you're going to.

Like the positivity and you always moving 

Jared Easley: forward and always looking ahead. Well, one thing that I always say was Shea, and you can testify to this is I'm usually like when say, texted me or call me. I'm always like, Hey girl, that man, that'd be the name of the book. Say girl,

Shey Keith: meet out. W where did we meet? 

Jared Easley: We met at a new media expo, but not, not at that. No. We met at, in and out burgers in Las Vegas. Tell that 

Shey Keith: story. That was going to be my [00:25:00] book name. I actually thought of this a few years ago, coming out of podcast movement. I said, I'm going to write a book and it's going to be the in and out burger.

Um, like the ripple effect or something along that line, because it all started. Yeah. I mean, it all started with the in and out burger. I met you and Chris Murphy and that other guy, Holly. And I have to say that because that's how you first to us, when he talks to us about stage, oh, I met Jared at the end and out burger with those other people.

Jared Easley: It shouldn't be funny, but it is. And I always do feel bad when he does it. He has shouted you out from the stage before. So why is sometimes he'll shout at you? And sometimes he won't. 

Shey Keith: I think it's because in the beginning he didn't and I gave him a hard time about it. So he made sure to of course, correct.

You know? 

Jared Easley: Oh, well you did the right thing. Yeah. Pack your bags. We're going on 

Shey Keith: a guilt trip. That's where it all started. Only Dumas was not only Dumas at that point in time. He'd only had a podcast out for about 60 days. Maybe his daily podcast. [00:26:00] We were one of the first ones to hold a meetup. You held a meetup.

I just showed up, 

Jared Easley: actually, that was the meetup. Jeremy was, it was Shea. It was Chris, myself and John Dumas. And I paid for John Dumas in and out burger. This guy will make split like a hundred thousand plus a month. Why am I buying him? And he, wasn't where he is now, but I'm very happy for John, you know, I, I think it's cool though, to also say, okay, well, we've seen tremendous success with people like John we're now seeing tremendous success with people like Shea and, you know, successes.

Some people think, oh, well it looks like this, but no successes is when you set a goal and you make it happen and shape it to me is a good example, man. I'm, didn't do this perfectly all the time, but now I'm in a better place and it's because I stuck with it. And so I really am proud of you. And, um, you know, other people can do all these big [00:27:00] things, but I think you're doing big things too.

And we'll continue 

Shey Keith: to, I hope so I'm not a person to give up easily, so I'm going to keep pursuing every goal and every dream until I make them happen, 

Jared Easley: as you should. Okay. So as we start to wrap this up, we've got a couple of questions. One is who is doing something that interests you. 

Shey Keith: You're asking me, you're asking Jeremy, 

Jared Easley: Jeremy, who is doing something.

I don't know. Who's interested in. Oh, Sam already answered that. So aside from Sam, Sam's going to listen to this. 

Shey Keith: Actually, this is pretty cool. So the first time I ever heard about the TV series, the chosen was through a podcast. So, uh, Dallas Jenkins is the one, the produce behind the chosen. And I just started watching that, uh, as I was on vacation a week ago, the one thing about Sam, he's a very Christian man and he is helping me learn more about my own Christian faith.

And my brother and his family are also very Christian too. Based on some things happen in their family. [00:28:00] So we all watch it together on vacation and we've been watching it ever since. And it's been amazing. The, the coincidences that you just can't even understand since we started watching that and talking about the Bible.

So that is really what is exciting me today. That's um, I can't wait to see what they come out with and see, check out the 

Jared Easley: chosen. I agree. It is a great, great show. Um, and then of course, If people want to connect with you online, how do they do that? 

Shey Keith: The best way is going to be through my website at dot com.

They can reach me at Shay at dot com is my email. And I have a Facebook group, which is also called tech Sovety. Or you can just go to groups slash shake. 

Jared Easley: Yeah. Everybody have your parents ask Jay to help them with tech. That's what she does. And of course we always like to close out with final thoughts.

Shane, do you have any final 

Shey Keith: thoughts? I'm just really excited to be back at podcast movement. Once again, I know this was, this was a totally impromptu. I had no idea you bring out the microphones tonight. So I have to be on my [00:29:00] best behavior, but I am excited to be here. I can't wait to see what happens in the podcasting world going forward.

It's always a lot of fun and I can't wait to see who shows up this week and what I might learn from them. How I can, uh, network with them best. 

Jared Easley: Absolutely. Shea, congratulations on your success. Jeremy, I'd 

Shey Keith: like to know one more thing is where do you see yourself? In five years? I see myself living in a lake house somewhere, maybe like the, it was arcs.

And that will be because I have an amazing membership, a community of members that. Just need my help and I'm able to serve them. Well, 

Jared Easley: congratulations. Thank you again. Thank you guys. Thank you, Jeremy. Thank you. .