Starve the Doubts

I Am Tehran with Tehran Von Ghasri

February 21, 2021 Jared Easley
Starve the Doubts
I Am Tehran with Tehran Von Ghasri
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Tehran SoParvazTehran-1½ Black, ½ Persian, and ½ Amazing; these are the ingredients that make Tehran “SoParvaz” one of the most dynamic entertainer newcomers today. Exploding on the SCENE hosting, performing, and throwing events from sold-out comedy shows to rock concerts his energy, excitement, and unique sense of humor have made him a formidable comedian/entertainer in his own right. Learn more about Tehran.


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Starve the Doubts - Tehran Von Ghasri
[00:00:00] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:00:00] Content is King always see writing always be prepared because when the pandemic ends, and even though it seems like there is no end in sight, there will be. And when the world opens up again, we will need comedy more than ever.
[00:00:20] Ms. Christine: [00:00:20] Welcome 
[00:00:20] Jared Easley: [00:00:20] to the podcast. My name is Judy easily. I'm one of your hosts and joining me today of course is miss Christine, miss Christine, 
[00:00:27] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:00:27] how are you? I'm great. How about yourself? 
[00:00:29] Jared Easley: [00:00:29] I'm behaving and we have a guest co-host today. Why don't you, uh, 
[00:00:33] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:00:33] why don't you give her a shout out, shout 
[00:00:34] Ms. Christine: [00:00:34] out to Sarah Slurpee in the building.
[00:00:39] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:00:39] I like that. 
[00:00:42] Jared Easley: [00:00:42] Welcome back. Sarah was a guest just recently and she's like, yeah, I had so much fun. Why don't I invite myself to guest coasts. I'm just kidding. 
[00:00:49] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:00:49] I want to 
[00:00:49] Ms. Christine: [00:00:49] hang out with the cool kids. 
[00:00:51] Jared Easley: [00:00:51] Maybe it was because of today's guest, because we have such a cool person, you know, and rightfully so. All right.
[00:00:59] So [00:01:00] today's guest is to Ron Vaughn drowsy. I hope I said that. Right. Bond Godfrey. Basically. I'm told that around that you're the Elon Musk of comedy and fresh Prince of Persia. He's a comedian spokesperson radio personality event. Thank you for being with us today, 
[00:01:14] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:01:14] Jared, just to let you know you mispronouncing, my name is actually racist.
[00:01:18] I just want to let you know it's not me to me. It's the way the world works. Now. 
[00:01:25] Jared Easley: [00:01:25] There is no defense. I, I deserve to be canceled and you 
[00:01:28] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:01:28] are definitely gonna to actually I already called Louis CK. I already called . It sounds like, guess what? You have a new roommate, buddy. I have a new roommate 
[00:01:38] Jared Easley: [00:01:38] mean to go back, but yeah, maybe 
[00:01:40] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:01:40] Sarah.
[00:01:40] Cause they should take this. 
[00:01:42] Ms. Christine: [00:01:42] Okay. 
[00:01:42] Sarah Slurpie: [00:01:42] So let's out Tamron. I know you have a birthday coming up this Sunday, so happy birthday now, while I'm separated fourth, you had an interactive comedy show. How does that work in a, what 
[00:01:52] Ms. Christine: [00:01:52] does that entail? 
[00:01:53] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:01:53] So on February 4th, because I'm not a big birthday person. I actually only care about my birthday to further my [00:02:00] professional and social standing.
[00:02:01] So because of that, I had a huge show at the laugh factory. Usually my laugh factory show for my birthday is the event of the year lines down the block sold out show amazing drop-in lineups. Nobody knows who. But this year because of the pandemic, you can't stop. You just have to pivot. We pivoted and did a virtual online show.
[00:02:21] And my guests this year included the incomparable, Mr. Craig Robinson, who you should know from the office. I'm hot tub time machine here at Griffin from workaholics. Maxim, meaning it's just all-star. And then I also had some of my favorite comedians, crystal Marie, whose birthday. It also was to Carla Williams, Leo Lamar, Melissa she'll shy and Renee Vaka was an up and coming comedian.
[00:02:46] So it was like a fun time. And then finesse Mitchell from Saturday night lives stopped in and just. Killed it to finish off the night. People got there, people got their money's worth and 
[00:02:56] Jared Easley: [00:02:56] not only did they get their money's worth, you got to name drop. 
[00:03:00] [00:03:00] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:03:00] So that's actually the best part. And while we were there, Chris Tucker and Eddie Murphy stopped by, which was actually very grilled.
[00:03:09] They heard it? No,
[00:03:16] we wouldn't have known any better.
[00:03:20] That's actually how clubhouse rolls. So I can just say whatever, if you guys don't know about clubhouse, I'm sure you'll learn. If you thought F boys were out in the streets, lying in person, wait until you've meet them on clubhouse, whole new brand of lies. Yeah. Can I ask you a 
[00:03:40] Sarah Slurpie: [00:03:40] question? I would love where are you born and where did you grow up?
[00:03:44] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:03:44] So, well, I appreciate Sarah being a CIA agent
[00:03:52] nickname,
[00:03:56] this maiden name. She was a Nigerian Prince emailing me right now. Like [00:04:00] I'm not really comfortable with this, but I was born and raised in Washington, DC. So I'm a Washington D C K, but my name's Darren. My father is Iranian and my mother's black and Tiran is the capital of Iran. So they were like being happy, Ronnie and half black, not enough oppression.
[00:04:16] Let's add to Iran.
[00:04:20] They wanted to push this. They want to see how far systemic racism could go. This is not. 
[00:04:28] Jared Easley: [00:04:28] You only had so many career paths you could follow based on choices 
[00:04:32] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:04:32] that were not your own career paths. Exactly. There's so many flights I can take like,
[00:04:41] Jared Easley: [00:04:41] Oh my goodness. Not taking some of those flights is probably keeping you a free from COVID 
[00:04:47] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:04:47] then that, that might be a good thing. Yeah. Is it though at this point, at this point, is it, I feel like honestly, Jared, to be real, if I died from COVID and you know, my heart goes out to all the people that have died, it's actually [00:05:00] very sad, but if I die from COVID, then I don't actually have to live up to my potential, which is amazing.
[00:05:05] Cause then. Like, because like I'm never going to reach full potential. Right. And people are gonna be like, you're such a failure. But if I died now, and life honestly is very expensive. Like for all the money we're paying, it's not fun enough for those. Like, honestly for me, that's me personally. You know what I'm saying?
[00:05:22] For me personally, Well, I'm 
[00:05:24] Jared Easley: [00:05:24] sure on your bucket list, somewhere being on this podcast, uh, was, was one of your achievements, which now you 
[00:05:30] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:05:30] can, you know, 
[00:05:31] Ms. Christine: [00:05:31] he can write it off his bucket list. That's right. That's the doubts. 
[00:05:35] Jared Easley: [00:05:35] You can have a guest that can't be named. He showed up and asked the CIA type question and 
[00:05:41] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:05:41] a hundred percent, let's be very honest.
[00:05:45] Slurpee. That's not even a real last name. There's a girl on only fans right now. That's like, I wouldn't use that name,
[00:05:56] sir. I'm looking you up.
[00:06:01] [00:06:00] See, I told you Jared was going to get canceled today. I told you 
[00:06:05] Jared Easley: [00:06:05] I got nine books. I can, I can do this. Okay. So moving on to run a best comedy show, you've been to 
[00:06:12] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:06:12] his comedy show I've ever been to let me give you an a scenario and paint a perfect picture. And this is something that really happened. So I'm at the laugh factory.
[00:06:21] I have a laugh factory show, every single Monday and Thursday. This is of course pre COVID, where it was a very happening show. I'm at my own show on a Monday night. So it's not even like a main, it's not Thursday closer to the weekend. It is a Monday night. I'm at my own show. I get a text from Dave Chappelle, come to the store.
[00:06:39] I want you to go up. Now when Dave Chappelle texts you, you got to go. So I leave my own show and go to the comedy store down the street. Right. Dave Chappelle comes to my laugh factory a lot, but this time I grace, the comedy store went in. Up to that point. They had seen some comedians, but no one who's who's master of their craft.
[00:06:59] Right. It [00:07:00] was a lot of newer comedians. So the audience was, they were in it. They were a great audience, but they were a little sore from all that. I went up and had a great set. I had a great set and maybe even brought a little bit of life back to the room. After I went up, Kevin Hart went up. And when I say Kevin Hart went up, he was practicing for this some years ago, he's practicing for another, especially he was doing, he did like 20 minutes then Chris rock winner, and then after Chris rock.
[00:07:26] So at this point, the crowd is just, some people had left. Like the crowd is going nuts. They have no idea what's happening to them right now. Right. And then cat Williams went up. Goodness. Chris Tucker stopped by and went up. And then Dave Chappelle, who at that point had been. The enigma that he was even more went up and did like two, three hours.
[00:07:47] Okay. And then tell him Kuali stopped by and they freestyle. So it was a one night. And at this point I'm looking at it like, what is this life I live right now? Like, what is this, what is going on with [00:08:00] me? And people like showing me love on stage and just being, I'm surrounded by greatness. And that's when I just was like, man, I need to die from COVID soon.
[00:08:11] Like I'm never going to hit any of this stuff. These are pinnacles these people, but yeah, so we were in a room where I'm in a room with, you know, $3 billion trying to do comedy. Well, you did it. I mean, what a validation. Very 
[00:08:25] Ms. Christine: [00:08:25] impressive. Yeah.
[00:08:35] you list 
[00:08:35] Sarah Slurpie: [00:08:35] a lot of names, like if you had to pick one, who would you say 
[00:08:38] Ms. Christine: [00:08:38] was your favorite comedian? Chappelle 
[00:08:41] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:08:41] Chappelle is the best comedian Chappelle. He's the goat. He's the greatest of all time. And I think that if you got in there are amazing comedians from Richard Pryor to Wanda Sykes. Dave Chappelle is the best comedian.
[00:08:54] And even that night, all of these comedians went up and did great. There was a lady in [00:09:00] the front row whose eyes literally exploded and she just, I thought she was going to have a hard time. Okay. Dave Chappelle, all these comedians that time and they all did time and they were all very good. Dave Chappelle did two and a half hours.
[00:09:14] Like it was nothing, but here's the thing. Sure. He, wasn't just, mind-blowingly funny for two and a half hours, but there were 10 or 20 minutes of his two and a half hours that were better than all the rest of us combined. And that's, that's who Dave Chappelle it. And that's why he's the goat. In my opinion, of course, like beauty and art comedy is subjective.
[00:09:34] However, there is this finite distinction. Once you hit greatness. Once you hit greatness. There is it's, who's better LeBron or Jordan. That's a personal opinion, but you know, LeBron and Jordan are greatness. They're both better than Rudy MacGruber so there's no question about that. Right. And that's what we're looking at with Dave Chappelle.
[00:09:53] He's the greatest of all time.
[00:09:58] Jared Easley: [00:09:58] Yeah. 
[00:09:59] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:09:59] Yeah. He did his [00:10:00] thing. Clay Thompson, my buddy clay Thompson. All right. 
[00:10:04] Sarah Slurpie: [00:10:04] So, I mean, how would you push this above and beyond? I've been watching comedians on the VR world and I'm crazy amazed at how they're doing this, but do you choose X-Box PlayStation VR? What's your go-to. 
[00:10:17] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:10:17] You know, it's interesting.
[00:10:18] I have never been a video game person ever since I was a kid and my parents tried to push me on this normal thing. Like they would get me a Nintendo and Sega and PlayStation and whatever, whatever was the hype thing. At the time they tried to push it on me. They even got me Nintendo weed. Like they were like, come on kids.
[00:10:38] This is what kids do. 
[00:10:40] Ms. Christine: [00:10:40] Kids are normal kids. Don't read books and watch TV and like dissect 
[00:10:45] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:10:45] it. And then the only normal thing that I kind of did with basketball, other than that, I was too good for the kids. Like I was like, Oh, you peasant, like
[00:10:56] you think I'm kidding. In second grade, I definitely got in [00:11:00] trouble for. Calling kids peasants,
[00:11:05] and definitely made a teacher retire after she called me an asshole in class. Definitely. Cause I used to correct her all the time. I used to correct her. She was trying to teach and I'm like, are you even qualified? Because obviously don't know what you're doing. And I used to correct her all the time.
[00:11:23] She called me an asshole. She called me an asshole in class. The class goes ballistic. It's a class of second graders. She just like in frustration, she leaves a counselor. The school counselor comes in and then they call my parents. My dad is a Persian dad, got the accent, the whole nine. He thinks I'm in trouble.
[00:11:40] And he's like, like, what did you do? Or we get to the principal's office. And the principal's trying to explain to him. That the teacher called me an asshole and he's not getting an engineer. She's like, he called him an asshole and she's like, there's a hole. Where's the 
[00:11:53] Ms. Christine: [00:11:53] hole, 
[00:11:54] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:11:54] put a hole. And then she's like, no, he called him.
[00:11:57] She called him an asshole. And then he was like, you can't call your [00:12:00] teacher asshole. And the T and the principal's like, no, no, no, no. The teacher called him an asshole. And my dad was like, Oh yeah, cause he's asshole
[00:12:11] defending the teacher. I used to give them a hard time to my poor parents. I think now, 
[00:12:17] Jared Easley: [00:12:17] like if a teacher did that, they wouldn't get to retire. They might actually 
[00:12:21] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:12:21] get fired. Yeah, a hundred percent now, now you can't like now hot teachers can't even sleep with students anymore. Oh my gosh. We've progressed so much as a society 
[00:12:35] Jared Easley: [00:12:35] Toronto, there is one of the, three of the co-hosts today.
[00:12:38] That is a homeschool teacher 
[00:12:39] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:12:39] believer. Oh wow. The homes, you know, I have a lot of respect for teachers and I hope that the pandemic has taught. The world, how valuable teachers are, because while we thought this whole time they were teaching children, they're actually domesticating wild animals. Like
[00:12:57] exactly. You want your kids out of [00:13:00] the home. Like, I don't even have kids of my own, but by nieces and nephews, My sister has been dropping them off here. And I'm just like, I'm over all this. This is the best sex ed class ever. I'm celibate now. Like, I don't even want to chance it. Like, we're good.
[00:13:20] Jared Easley: [00:13:20] You're not playing Xbox or PlayStation VR. And you were staying safe. Well, I was thinking maybe might be playing candy crush on the phone, no games at all. 
[00:13:30] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:13:30] I'm not a candy crush. No, I'll tell you, how can 
[00:13:33] Ms. Christine: [00:13:33] we convince 
[00:13:34] Sarah Slurpie: [00:13:34] you to play? How 
[00:13:35] Ms. Christine: [00:13:35] can we get you 
[00:13:36] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:13:36] to start side? You catch me playing chess on the phone. You want to know where in the pandemic I tried.
[00:13:42] I even bought a PlayStation to be like, Oh, look, I have a PlayStation. And I bought a bunch of games. When I say I have utilized that a total of maybe five minutes. And I was just like, I'm good. Like, I just can't, it's just not my thing. I tried to kill people in, uh, [00:14:00] grand theft, auto 15 or whatever. And
[00:14:05] then I tried to like, live my childhood NFL dreams with Madden. You know, it it's so realistic at this point. Just go outside and play. Why are we easily just go outside? You found 
[00:14:17] Jared Easley: [00:14:17] yourself driving the speed limit and grand theft auto. 
[00:14:22] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:14:22] My thing is, I don't even look, I played basketball, but I don't even watch basketball.
[00:14:27] Like it's about to be the super bowl and I'm going to watch it. I'm sure. But I'm only doing it because it's a social activity, even though I really don't like social activities like that. It's like, Oh, this is what we do. Uh, But honestly, I don't watch sports. I don't play video games. There's so much going on in life.
[00:14:43] That's way more entertaining for me. 
[00:14:47] Sarah Slurpie: [00:14:47] Give me like 24 hours to change your mind. I think I can totally get you. There is there's virtual basketball. There's virtual shooting. We got this and you can stand up on stage. 
[00:14:58] Ms. Christine: [00:14:58] That could be a 
[00:14:59] Jared Easley: [00:14:59] fun [00:15:00] video to Ron tries gaming. 
[00:15:01] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:15:01] I don't really like comedy that much. Like 
[00:15:05] Ms. Christine: [00:15:05] he's like, I hate everything.
[00:15:09] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:15:09] Have you ever watched the Avengers? Have any of you ever watched the Avengers? The first one? Yes. Yes. Okay. So remember the whole concept of Bruce banner, not turning into the Hulk and of course in the previous movies. He's had, you know, being angry. He turns on the Hawk and it's uncontrollable. So they keep asking them, how do you keep the whole cafe?
[00:15:27] What do you do? What do you, how do you do this? And finally, at the end, he goes, that's my secret. I'm always angry. And he turns into the whole comedian. That's my secret. I'm always annoyed. Like my baseline. It's just, I'm annoyed at everything all the time. And that's what actually makes me happy.
[00:15:46] I am not a Karen Ms. Christine, and that was racist.
[00:16:01] [00:16:00] Jared Easley: [00:16:01] I figured you'd watch the super bowl just to see the cutouts, you know, In the stands. I like, like I heard that people like celebrities are saying, Hey, I want my cutout to have a better view. And it's like, but that to me was kind of interesting. 
[00:16:15] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:16:15] I mean, they want to make sure, yeah, of course. I, I had the opportunity to be at the super bowl when the Rams got there and I used to do social media and announcements for the Rams.
[00:16:29] And so that was the energy live is obviously much. More, I love greatness. So I love the fact that Tom Brady is back in the super bowl with the new team and his supermodel wife. And he's just being that guy and I love everything that's going on. And the chiefs are there with this amazing young quarterback making it happen.
[00:16:50] I love that storyline, but you know, when whoever wins the super bowl, does that cure cancer? No, I'm good. Like I get it. I understand. 
[00:17:00] [00:17:00] Jared Easley: [00:17:00] You said you were annoyed all the time, so will annoy you with another question. Uh, let's do, let's do finish the sentence where I begin a sentence and you complete it. If you ever go to the laugh factory, 
[00:17:09] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:17:09] like.
[00:17:10] Wear pants. You'd be surprised how many people try to come into the left factory and don't have pants on. You will be actually surprised. This has happened several times during the open mic on Tuesday nights, where people who want to be open micros. Sometimes they're not all sound and mind and body and some don't wear pants because they think that's funny.
[00:17:33] And it is illegal. So what like Daisy, Dukes? What are we talking? Just I'm talking about like, uh, no, 
[00:17:45] Ms. Christine: [00:17:45] George stay on during the set 
[00:17:47] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:17:47] briefs, like briefs.
[00:17:53] Jared Easley: [00:17:53] You can see that. Yeah.
[00:17:57] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:17:57] Not the way to make your name. How do you, these are [00:18:00] never comfy. Like any, I'll give you, you guys want red flags, Ms. Christine and Sarah. If you meet a man who wears tidy whities, like a grown man, just know you're about to be murdered. Just understand. He's about to tell you to put the soap in the pale.
[00:18:20] Ms. Christine: [00:18:20] puts the lotion on its skin, or 
[00:18:22] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:18:22] again, like it's going down that way. It is going to happen that way. So just no grown man talking about like, sure. They're a little kid. Of course, 
[00:18:33] Ms. Christine: [00:18:33] I'll look at the Batman 
[00:18:34] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:18:34] underwear on my nephews, so cute. But if my nephew grows up into a man and still wearing, I'd be like, yo bro, I'm calling the cops.
[00:18:43] Like I'm calling Sarah can't. Sarah
[00:18:53] boxer, real men wear boxer briefs. Now, if you want to be like, Oh, I actually wear Puma boxer briefs. And I tell [00:19:00] you specifically why they have this like this. I don't know. I don't even know. 
[00:19:07] Ms. Christine: [00:19:07] It's 
[00:19:07] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:19:07] like such a great material. It's just like, Taking notes here.
[00:19:14] Great. You just it's so freeing. It's just amazing. You know,
[00:19:27] Ms. Christine: [00:19:27] enough about draws. Let's talk, the music, what's the best concert you've ever been to 
[00:19:32] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:19:32] best concert I've ever been to. I will tell you this. The best concert I've ever been to. There are two tied at first place. One concert was my man Drizzy had a concert. And this is when he, you know, this is, I don't know, I was young.
[00:19:48] This is 2000, let's say 2009 or 2010. And he was like doing his songs and then he would sing to every girl in the audience. He was like you over there in the blue [00:20:00] dress. I know you're pressed and he would go through. And at one point I found myself being like, Trizzy, I'm wearing a blue dress, like include me.
[00:20:08] Yeah, please, please. It was really good. Right? Very impressed. I was very impressed, but the best concert I've ever been to now, there used to be this thing in Washington DC area called the HFStival. There was a radio station called HFS and it had all the. It was like the rock station, but they had this one concert where every rock legend like to be in the, making, it had rage against the machine M and M.
[00:20:35] What's that group called? What is that group called? The where, where the mask I hate when I
[00:20:50] slip not limp his kid, it was all in one concert. And I was like, sheesh, you know, maybe I'm [00:21:00] white. Like, I mean, it 
[00:21:01] Sarah Slurpie: [00:21:01] makes sense. You're wearing two of my briefs, 
[00:21:04] Ms. Christine: [00:21:04] total nineties, right? 
[00:21:06] Jared Easley: [00:21:06] I'm sure it's white in some, 
[00:21:08] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:21:08] some way. Let me, let me clear up the Puma brief thing. Briefs are amazing because they are also. So expensive online and yet, so inexpensive Ross dress for less
[00:21:23] Jared Easley: [00:21:23] please wash them before 
[00:21:24] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:21:24] you went. Oh, for sure. Like one leg might be sure. And then the other, but it does not matter. It does not matter because Ross dress for less is so good. And so inexpensive that dress for less is in its title. Do you understand how cocky you have to be? You dress not, we dress for less real.
[00:21:46] You 
[00:21:46] Jared Easley: [00:21:46] seem like kind of guy that makes friends at Ross. Is that 
[00:21:49] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:21:49] true? Ross is my plate. Yo Ross is my go-to spot. Like I go there to rummage and hang out, like, I'm like, Hey, what's your name? Hey, Carlita. [00:22:00] I love it. Hey Sarah. 
[00:22:04] Ms. Christine: [00:22:04] I 
[00:22:04] Sarah Slurpie: [00:22:04] get it. Yeah. Okay. So do you think there's Rosses in more than just here? Cause I feel like we're pretty cheap here.
[00:22:11] I don't know. For instance, have you ever been to saran 
[00:22:14] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:22:14] Iran? I have been to Tehran Iran, Sarah CIA Slurpee. Okay. And it was legal at the time? Yeah. To get on the phone. Yeah, every time I fly back to the United States, I swear, like going to other countries. I'm so confident, but coming back to the United States with a us passport and birth certificate, I'm still 50 50.
[00:22:41] They let me back in. Do 
[00:22:43] Sarah Slurpie: [00:22:43] you remember this date? I need another date.
[00:22:48] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:22:48] Every single time I come back to the United States and I get randomly selected every time. Like if I won the lottery as much as are randomly selected, I would be a trillionaire. [00:23:00] Amazing, perhaps as a business. 
[00:23:04] Jared Easley: [00:23:04] For people that aren't as familiar with your comedy career. Can you talk a little bit about what got you into that and how you got motivated to say, okay, I'm going to go in this direction and try this out.
[00:23:13] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:23:13] So this is actually an interesting story. So I didn't want to be a comedian. I actually, when I started off my life, that's why I was like, I went to these concerts and things. I want it to be puffed at it. I want it to be this. Music mogul who didn't do anything, but at the same time, did everything, I thought that puff daddy's career was just immaculate.
[00:23:35] Right? I want it to be puffed at ease. And I was, I was going to school. I always value and I still do value education. So I was getting, I had got my master's. I was in law school. I was in law school actually. And I had artists that I was managing and everything, and some have gone on to make it. And everything was collapsing.
[00:23:56] The artists were kind of self imploding, like every manager or [00:24:00] anyone behind the scenes that knows. And I was like, wow, I have to change. This can't happen. It's too much as I'm doing this, I'm watching fuse network, which is Canadian MTV. I don't even know why I have used network, but I was always just.
[00:24:13] Consuming pop culture and I'm watching fuse network. And there was this comedian hosting a show. His name is Mike E Winfield, Mike E Winfield. Very funny comedian light-skinned black guy, bro. Amazing contagious smile. Just funny. He would introduce music videos and do comedy. And I literally saw this guy and I thought, man, if he can do this, I can do this too.
[00:24:35] And I. Figured out. He was performing at the laugh factory that weekend. So I flew to LA from Washington, DC and went to the laugh factory to meet him and watch him perform and pick his brain. I'd never actually met him that day. I met the owner of the laugh factory, who I convinced. To let me have a show because I was a comedian.
[00:24:54] He did not know at the time that I lived in Washington, DC, he did not know that I had never really performed [00:25:00] comedy in my life. I just thought that I could do this. I put together a show for that Monday night. It was packed. I did time. I was probably horrible, but it doesn't matter. He never came to the show.
[00:25:10] He didn't, he wasn't able to make it. And he just saw the numbers and gave me a show every Monday. And from then on for nine months and three weeks, I flew back and forth every single Monday to Los Angeles from Washington DC, as I was finishing law school so that I could do my show and I would get to lax at at eight 35, take two buses to get to the laugh factory on sunset by 10 Oh three.
[00:25:35] Take two buses back to the airport by one 45 to get on the flight, the red eye back to make my Tuesday class. And that happened. And if, if Virgin America wasn't $99 each way adding points, which meant that every third flight for me was free. I would have never been able to do this. So it was ambition meets motivation, meets preparation, meets opportunity with a lot of love.
[00:26:00] [00:25:59] And that's how I got it. And that's a little bit of craziness that dedication, no statues in the world are. For same people, everybody that you, that you relish or admire are all insane and sane enough to think that they can do something or change the world. That's how it works. That delusion is part of grand jury.
[00:26:21] That delusion is part of greatness. I can do this. I will do this. I am the one that's actually why, when you watch, when you watch artists win an award, they always forget who to thank because in their hearts and their heads, They don't need to think anybody. They should only think themselves. They feel like no matter who was there to help them interchangeably, they would've made it there.
[00:26:43] Anyway, on that stage, the only people they have set are God and their parents, because mostly those are the only two they've been practicing the speech in the mirror, their whole life. So now they forget Bob, Steve, Tim, Carol, you know, and they forget the [00:27:00] names, but that's why it's that. That delusion of grandeur a little bit, not too much, not.
[00:27:06] I think I'm Jesus and walking in the middle of the street, I'm talking about just enough 
[00:27:10] Ms. Christine: [00:27:10] now I met 
[00:27:11] Sarah Slurpie: [00:27:11] Johan clubhouse. How do you 
[00:27:12] Ms. Christine: [00:27:12] feel clubhouse has helped people in the industry such as yourself? Actually, 
[00:27:17] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:27:17] clubhouse is a great pivot again, whether we like it or not, the pandemic is here, whether we like it or not for all the people who try to, Oh, it's not real.
[00:27:26] It's very real. It's very real. And anyone who's gone through COVID knows how real it is. The pandemic is here and clubhouse gives us this opportunity to interact to network. For example, I met Ms. Christine on clubhouse, and now I'm here with you. All of you who are amazing, right? So it's network and it also gives us the chance to connect and.
[00:27:49] Practice our craft, especially as standup comedians practice our craft. We have several shows. We do well rooms that are comedy rooms. I do a rap monologue room with a comedian named [00:28:00] colonias. I do comedy guru. Ask us anything. With comedian, Ron G, where people ask us advice on their life and got questions.
[00:28:09] We've got answers. They may not like our answers, but we give them anyway. I'm watching wheel Lamar and Nicole create this comedy platform. And I've been, I've done their shows several times. Like there's so many outlets and clubhouse is the most efficient, prolific. Networking tool that exists, period.
[00:28:30] That's better than LinkedIn. It's better than Instagram. It's better than Facebook. It really has all of those qualities.
[00:28:46] Sarah Slurpie: [00:28:46] clubhouse.
[00:28:52] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:28:52] If I brought a Persian dish, it would be horrible Sabzi. Now, if you understand,  Sabzi is amazing. If you don't like, and Sabzi, you're just a bad [00:29:00] person. Like historically, a lot of people don't know this. The people that have not liked Gorman, Sabzi, Judas, who of course portray Jesus Hitler, Hitler did not like warm Sabzi, big known taste for Hormel Sabzi and Jewish people, which is a thing a lot of people don't know.
[00:29:16] And of course. Of course the, some of the people that stormed the capital, they, Donald Trump won't eat it. Well, you may or may not, but he won't eat it in public. Let's put it like you may or may not at home. Cause I don't need it on CNN and I'm not sure if I didn't eat for themselves either. Like, we'll see we'll we we'll see.
[00:29:43] Yeah, it shouldn't, it shouldn't. We will all be fine. We will all be. Okay. 
[00:29:50] Sarah Slurpie: [00:29:50] Now tell me this. What's your favorite place to visit? If you have one place you could. Yeah, 
[00:29:55] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:29:55] my bedroom, my bedroom is amazing. I love food. Good in there.
[00:30:07] [00:30:00] In my bedroom, Sarah Slurpee. I don't know if I'm comfortable, if you have
[00:30:14] I don't know if I'm comfortable, 
[00:30:16] Jared Easley: [00:30:16] a lot of CIA 
[00:30:17] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:30:17] stuff going on here. It's CIA stuff. Plus with the name like Sarah Slurpee, like that just sounds like a sexual harassment laws. Let the record reflect that we love 
[00:30:28] Jared Easley: [00:30:28] Sarah.
[00:30:32] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:30:32] You have to love Sarah. She's a wonderful human being. She is.
[00:30:43] How white are you? She's Hispanic.
[00:30:50] She's 
[00:30:51] Jared Easley: [00:30:51] not ordering Persian on, on door dash. Wow. 
[00:30:57] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:30:57] Like Sarah. And just, uh, give you a paint, a [00:31:00] picture of what warm and Sabzi is. It's like this green stew with beef, but the beef can be removed for all the vegans and vegetarians and Los Angeles. But it's like this stew and it's on rice. You put it on rice and it's absolutely delicious.
[00:31:14] It's just absolutely delicious. Taking notes. 
[00:31:17] Ms. Christine: [00:31:17] Yeah.
[00:31:21] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:31:21] Yeah. It is a pressure cooker process. I believe.
[00:31:28] I know. She really did care to know. Oh, she was like, yeah, the Ayatollah ate that. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. I didn't say any 
[00:31:34] Jared Easley: [00:31:34] serious. Had some pressure being a guest co-host 
[00:31:36] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:31:36] today, but she's doing great. She is doing very good for a guest. Co-host she's a natural, I agree. 
[00:31:44] Sarah Slurpie: [00:31:44] You know, I'd rather just blow.
[00:31:48] Jared Easley: [00:31:48] She's talking about Xbox there. 
[00:31:52] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:31:52] Not only was that sexual harassment was also racist, like, cause I'm middle Eastern, half middle Eastern. Like, hi, [00:32:00] you're applying. Yeah, those are implied charity. You're the only person on the show. I, uh, 
[00:32:08] Jared Easley: [00:32:08] a part of me was proud of Sarah for saying that, but then yeah. Hurt for you to 
[00:32:12] run.
[00:32:12] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:32:12] So I liked that we have enough white guilt to know you should hurt. We can 
[00:32:18] Sarah Slurpie: [00:32:18] discuss this at Thanksgiving. 
[00:32:21] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:32:21] Yeah, I hope I hope that's the case. If Jared cooks, it's going to be Turkey with no
[00:32:31] tribute 
[00:32:32] Jared Easley: [00:32:32] to you. We'll we'll 
[00:32:33] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:32:33] uh, by the way, I just want to let you all know, uh, Jared. Paprika is not a seasoning
[00:32:42] stuff and be like, Oh, this is delicious. 
[00:32:45] Jared Easley: [00:32:45] Yeah. If I had to guess paprika, that probably would have been my 
[00:32:48] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:32:48] first guest. So I knew I could tell, I could tell, I could already tell I was not, 
[00:32:55] Jared Easley: [00:32:55] I purposely removed that question because I didn't want to 
[00:32:58] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:32:58] thank you for bringing it up. [00:33:00] I just already know. And are you allowed to judge me?
[00:33:02] No. Am I allowed to judge you? Yes. That's how the world works. I don't write the rules. I'll just read them. 
[00:33:12] Ms. Christine: [00:33:12] Fair enough, Sarah Howard,
[00:33:20] Sarah Slurpie: [00:33:20] um, what advice would you give to aspiring comedians right 
[00:33:23] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:33:23] now? Right now is that key term, right? So before I would tell every aspiring comedian to hit as many mikes as possible, there's a secret to success in comedy and it's practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you become, especially if you're getting good, critical feedback from your peers.
[00:33:41] And understanding and having self-awareness because some comedians go on stage and they it's crickets and they come off their life. Man. I just killed that. And you're like, where you at the same show? I was killed it. All right. Yeah. You killed the room like 20 people didn't walk out. Because they were tired, they just sat down.
[00:33:59] You're [00:34:00] the first guy. So now I would go back to what Ms. Christine was talking about and go to clubhouse, put your content out there. Content is King always see writing, always be prepared because when the pandemic ends, and even though it seems like there is no end in sight, there will be. And when the world opens up again, we will need comedy more than ever.
[00:34:22] And with comedy, comedy is not a zero sum game. It's not like I can only win. If you lose and vice versa, we can all win. When you're walking at night and you look up in the sky and there's one or two stars in the sky. You don't look back up again. It's nothing to see, but it's when you walk at night and you look up and there's a sky full of stars.
[00:34:42] That's when you look up and off, that's when you're just intrigued by the mysteries of the universe. That's how we can all be. We can all be stars in our own, right? In our own lane. It is not a competition it's around. 
[00:34:53] Jared Easley: [00:34:53] You've been very generous with your time. We appreciate that. Uh, where can people connect with you listeners that want to learn more [00:35:00] about, uh, your upcoming shows or things that you're doing on social media?
[00:35:03] Where can they 
[00:35:04] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:35:04] check that out? Yeah, you can find me on the street begging for money. Cause we're all going to be homeless soon. I'm going to be at the red light. The cardboard sign will work for follows. So follow me. I am Tiran I a M T H R a N I M Taran all across the board on all social media platform.
[00:35:26] And my name is Taran, like the capital of Iran. So if you don't know how to spell it, just watch Fox news. Eventually they will say my name at least twice a day. 
[00:35:38] Ms. Christine: [00:35:38] Okay, 
[00:35:38] Sarah Slurpie: [00:35:38] Tara, any final thoughts for our listeners? 
[00:35:41] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:35:41] I actually wanted to point something out about Ms. Christine and your name. It's very interesting how a society that we denote the value of women by their relationship status.
[00:35:51] Right? So, so when, if I was a kid and I had a teacher named Johnson, And this person was male. It would be Mr. Johnson. But if I'm [00:36:00] a child and my teacher is female and Johnson, it depends on their marital status. So it's either Ms. Johnson or Mrs. Johnson or Ms. Johnson. So it's like, you know what I think from now on you should just be Mr.
[00:36:12] Christine. Let's just remove all Sigma and just let you know, as a woman, your power is not in your relationship, but in die self. I don't know 
[00:36:25] of 
[00:36:25] Jared Easley: [00:36:25] any better way to end the podcast. That was well said. And I even, even Sarah is nodding. Yes, I'm 
[00:36:32] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:36:32] on audio only podcast. Mr. 
[00:36:38] Sarah Slurpie: [00:36:38] Mr. Sarah Slurpee on 
[00:36:39] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:36:39] my, what I'm saying.
[00:36:44] I got girls like that. That's how you 
[00:36:49] Jared Easley: [00:36:49] made them feel Howard and that, yeah. Yeah. What's that? Uh, the GI Joe slogan. That's that's half the battle, 
[00:36:58] Sarah Slurpie: [00:36:58] half the battle. 
[00:37:00] [00:37:00] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:37:00] The guy from 50 shades of gray did it all. Three of them.
[00:37:07] For educational purposes. That's great.
[00:37:12] Twilight. I read the pilot. No, I read. You're 
[00:37:17] Jared Easley: [00:37:17] a sensitive man. You've 
[00:37:18] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:37:18] watched Twilight. You read 
[00:37:20] Ms. Christine: [00:37:20] Harry Potter too. You're probably. Of 
[00:37:22] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:37:22] course, I read Harry Potter, Harry 
[00:37:24] Jared Easley: [00:37:24] Potter in there. 
[00:37:26] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:37:26] Christina, 
[00:37:28] Ms. Christine: [00:37:28] I didn't read any of 
[00:37:29] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:37:29] those books. Well, 
[00:37:31] Jared Easley: [00:37:31] there's a reason for that.
[00:37:35] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:37:35] I grew up in West Philly. Oh yeah. 
[00:37:39] Ms. Christine: [00:37:39] I read books. Like how the fuck yourself, et cetera, et cetera. Well, that 
[00:37:44] Jared Easley: [00:37:44] is what that is. Harry Potter.
[00:37:49] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:37:49] You could learn that. That's what they, your teacher assigned you in Philadelphia, like this is what 
[00:37:55] Jared Easley: [00:37:55] Harry Potter had to do the same thing. All right. So, Ron, thank [00:38:00] you so much. 
[00:38:00] Tehran Von Ghasri: [00:38:00] We appreciate it, guys. Thank you all, all three of you. Thank you so much, Sarah, Ms. Christine, and of course, Jared, you guys are amazing. .