Starve the Doubts

Domain Domme with Krista Gable

February 15, 2021 Jared Easley and Ms. Christine
Starve the Doubts
Domain Domme with Krista Gable
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Krista is what you might call an unconventional individual. She values honesty and integrity in both her business and personal relationships. She is a true serial entrepreneur; she started her first business at twenty-one years old. Over the course of her life, She has done sales, digital marketing, and lead generation. She designed and founded a night club in Atlanta, and She helped start a technical education program. Before going into domain investing and brokering full-time, She spent six years as a professional dominatrix. As a Pro Domme, she did all of her own marketing and learned quite a bit about the specifics of digital marketing/advertising as well as social media marketing. When she puts her mind to something, She succeeds no matter the cost.

It was time for Krista to move on and try something different, as she's done many times before in her life. The domain business really allows her creativity to shine through. She is self-taught and extremely intuitive. Her natural intuitive ability and deep emotional intelligence allow her to connect with people of all backgrounds, often on a deep level. It also gives her the ability to invent some truly original domain ideas others may not think of or even understand at the time. Some people say she thinks outside the box; she responds that she doesn’t believe that a box exists.

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Starve the Doubts - Krista Gable
[00:00:00] Krista Gable: [00:00:00] Some people, they, they always, they think they're having a bad day. Like a lot of times, you know, I deal with anxiety and depression and a lot of that stuff and anxiety is the worst. And so when I'm feeling anxious, when I do have to leave the house, when I go somewhere, I always try to like find someone who I know is having a hard time and like make them smile or 
[00:00:17] Ms. Christine: [00:00:17] something because it's a crazy world we 
[00:00:20] Krista Gable: [00:00:20] live in and, you know, never, ever judged 
[00:00:22] Ms. Christine: [00:00:22] someone by the way, they look.
[00:00:40] Jared Easley: [00:00:40] welcome back to the podcast. My name is Jared Easley. I'm one of your hosts, but let's, let's be real here. You're not here for me. You're here for my cohost, Ms. Christine, miss Christine, how are you? 
[00:00:50] Ms. Christine: [00:00:50] I'm doing super well. How about you? It's 
[00:00:53] Jared Easley: [00:00:53] been a great week. Or even if it hasn't, I'm gonna say it has been on the pocket and, uh, yeah, I'm excited [00:01:00] about today's guests and you know what, I'm going to let you do the introduction, Christine, this is kind of a first opportunity for you to do 
[00:01:07] Ms. Christine: [00:01:07] that.
[00:01:07] You haven't really done that. You're killing me smalls. I think you have, you don't want other time. Okay, everybody. So today we have Krista Gabriel. Here with us. And Chris has specialized in virtual real estate as a former dominatrix and considers herself a serial entrepreneur. She's also an affiliate with wellbeing, coffee, and a clubhouse enthusiast.
[00:01:28] Krista, thank you for 
[00:01:29] Krista Gable: [00:01:29] being here with us today and thank you for having me. 
[00:01:34] Jared Easley: [00:01:34] Okay. So I have a question, Krista, Ms. Christine tells me you're from the South. And so what you know about the dirty whereabouts. 
[00:01:44] Krista Gable: [00:01:44] So I was born in Anchorage, Alaska. That's true story. But then yes,
[00:01:51] that was just, you know, as when I was a baby. And then, um, I grew up in the Carolinas North Carolina Boone, but I also did [00:02:00] live and I owned a nightclub in underground Atlanta. 
[00:02:02] Jared Easley: [00:02:02] Oh my goodness.
[00:02:06] Krista Gable: [00:02:06] So Freaknik. Wow. I ended up nightclub in the underground Atlanta called the house night club from 2006 to 2010. I think it was, I think Freaknik was before that. 
[00:02:20] Ms. Christine: [00:02:20] Yeah. No.
[00:02:29] I used to go to Atlanta all the time to get my hair did for real, until I found a stylist over in Orlando, I would go to Atlanta seriously to get me. 
[00:02:39] Krista Gable: [00:02:39] Well, I went and got my hair did today at the barber I shit. We shaved my head down to like one guard. And then some really funky designs on the side. So I'll send you a picture, but yeah, I'm pretty much bald, bald as.
[00:02:55] Are you loving that you just feel free? I mean, my hair is already been really short, but we went, we [00:03:00] went really close today. Like the sides are a one guard and I think the top is like a two guard. So, and then he, he cut all kinds of designs in the sides, on the extra bougie for the coffee shoot tomorrow.
[00:03:12] Ms. Christine: [00:03:12] Yeah.
[00:03:17] Jared Easley: [00:03:17] Not really. 
[00:03:20] Krista Gable: [00:03:20] I mean, yeah, I have wigs, but they annoy me. 
[00:03:23] Ms. Christine: [00:03:23] So, 
[00:03:24] Jared Easley: [00:03:24] so if you're not, if you're not in Atlanta now, 
[00:03:27] Ms. Christine: [00:03:27] well, I 
[00:03:27] Krista Gable: [00:03:27] am in Durham, North Carolina. Yeah. I've moved around a good bit. I haven't been in Atlanta. I haven't lived in Atlanta since 2010. 
[00:03:38] Ms. Christine: [00:03:38] We have a question, we kind of ask everybody what's the best concert 
[00:03:41] Krista Gable: [00:03:41] you've been to.
[00:03:42] I have really bad social anxiety. So let me think. I think it was new kid. I think it's been so long that it was new kids on the block. Wow. 
[00:03:51] Ms. Christine: [00:03:51] Jarret was probably there in the front row.
[00:03:57] Krista Gable: [00:03:57] I don't like going to concerts. 
[00:04:00] [00:04:00] Jared Easley: [00:04:00] Well, that's an interesting question that I have as a follow up, because I mean, you seem to be pretty confident and pretty out there and willing to try things. And so you don't really like concerts 
[00:04:11] Krista Gable: [00:04:11] because it's too many people like too close together. And I don't know. I just, I, yeah, because when I was in Atlanta, like I owned a nightclub and I always had VIP everywhere, so I could like control my space.
[00:04:23] And
[00:04:27] surroundings concert. That's not possible. 
[00:04:30] Jared Easley: [00:04:30] I'm sure you have a good VIP club story from Atlanta and name names, and throw people under the bus.
[00:04:47] In the spirit of PG I'm sure you could.
[00:04:58] please tell us.
[00:05:16] [00:05:00] Ms. Christine: [00:05:16] Yeah,
[00:05:22] Krista Gable: [00:05:22] I can't, I've actually been in and out of Raleigh since 2012, but I'm a Carolina. I'm a Carolina 
[00:05:27] Ms. Christine: [00:05:27] girl.
[00:05:31] Krista Gable: [00:05:31] Yeah. I went to high school in Charlotte. I graduated as from Olympic high school. I'm a Trojan 
[00:05:38] Jared Easley: [00:05:38] and that kind of works out given some of your involvements now. So why don't we go there? My understanding is you are a former, not current. Former dominatrix. And so in this, and again, in the spirit of PG, can you tell us a little bit of what that was like and unpack that for us?
[00:05:57] And there might be some, believe it or not that aren't [00:06:00] even sure what that is. 
[00:06:01] Krista Gable: [00:06:01] So I wasn't a dominator cause I was a professional dominatrix though. Yeah. I still actually, I dabble, I do some virtual sessions with clients I've known for a very long time because. As a professional dominatrix, it's more, it's all about the power exchange.
[00:06:17] And it's all about getting, you know, someone that I'm almost kind of like one of those, like all like alternative therapists, like that's what my clients tell me. So I was begging for like a decade. I traveled all over, but a professional dominatrix is it's, it's a close female. And then the mail, they might not wear clothes.
[00:06:35] They might wear panties or a skirt or a, you know, whatever I put them in. But you know, a professional dominatrix is not, it's still a considered like the adult category, but a professional dominatrix does not have like sexual relations with her clients. It's a lot of people, it's it is literally 85%, at least psychological.
[00:06:55] So a lot of let's just for example, let's say you have a CEO, a [00:07:00] type, a alpha 
[00:07:01] Ms. Christine: [00:07:01] male guy who he just wants to escape his reality. He is in charge all day. He tells everyone what to do. And he would like in private to be dominated as kind of like a cathartic release. Does that make any sense? 
[00:07:14] Jared Easley: [00:07:14] Okay, so, so I'm curious, does this mean I like to get spankings or I like to have someone, I don't know.
[00:07:21] I don't even know what you're allowed to say.
[00:07:28] Krista Gable: [00:07:28] You guys are the one that threw the PG roll at me. So it's different. So what I would do is, and I still do have my website up, but I mean, it's not PG, so. But I would require every, every client that I would consider, even seeing they had to fill out like a two-page application application. I had to know a lot about them.
[00:07:48] And then on top of that, they would have to pay a deposit and we would have to have an interview. So I would, you know, understand cause I'm very intuitive and I'm, uh, I, I connect with [00:08:00] people's energies. And so it's almost like it's a very different head face. Like that's why I told miss Christine that I 
[00:08:06] Ms. Christine: [00:08:06] as changing into doing more digital marketing and digital real estate.
[00:08:10] I don't not only just from COVID, but three years ago, I decided I wanted to switch gears. And I'm always going to be a dominator, 
[00:08:18] Krista Gable: [00:08:18] but 
[00:08:18] Ms. Christine: [00:08:18] like, I didn't want to do the travel anymore. So being a dominatrix is all about a consensual power 
[00:08:23] Krista Gable: [00:08:23] exchange and there's not one client that's the same. There are clients that, and a lot of them don't 
[00:08:29] Ms. Christine: [00:08:29] realize they're like, well, why do I like to be spanked?
[00:08:32] Well, you have to think back to your formative years and then your formative year, 
[00:08:35] Krista Gable: [00:08:35] you know, the whole thing they say about like what, what wires together fires together. So a lot of times, like if you, like, let's say I do have a lot of like older men that were like, they were, they had like corporal punishment or, and sometimes, you know, like we called them a masochist, but a masochist is someone who they like pain, but their pain is their pleasure.
[00:08:56] So they actually get an, it doesn't always have [00:09:00] to be sexual. It can also sometimes be just be a mental or like I said, a cathartic release, but being spanked or being put over the knee, it is something that typically always stemmed from the formative years of childhood. And another big one is the 
[00:09:13] Ms. Christine: [00:09:13] cross-dressing and, you know, a very manly man and private being made to be as in to like a sissy or a woman.
[00:09:21] There's 
[00:09:22] Krista Gable: [00:09:22] the world of that is so broad. Like I said, there are people who have very specific, like I can give you example. I have several clients where I had several clients that they want 
[00:09:34] Ms. Christine: [00:09:34] it to be spanked, but they're hard limit with the hard limit made something that they absolutely do not want. 
[00:09:40] Krista Gable: [00:09:40] Their hard limit could 
[00:09:41] Ms. Christine: [00:09:41] be like, they don't want to be tickled or.
[00:09:44] But they want to be spanked. 
[00:09:45] Krista Gable: [00:09:45] And so like, I get 
[00:09:46] Ms. Christine: [00:09:46] that, I understand the psychology behind every fight. If there is, I'm also a very special weirdo. No, the dominating how'd you get into that? Like how long, how long have you been doing that? You know, when did you get 
[00:09:59] Krista Gable: [00:09:59] into [00:10:00] squad? So I, I made some bad decisions after, um,
[00:10:08] if I make a bad decision, bad decisions to make great stories, but they're not PGT. However, yes. So after, you know, I, I did everything from like computer training schools to doing my own like lead generation. And then I in the nightclub, and again, I made some bad decisions and I'm very transparent about my bad decisions.
[00:10:30] So I'm more than happy to tell you what they are were. So basically what it was is that I realized that I went from being a self-made millionaire to homeless because of bad decisions. And I turned to adult work and I, I quickly realized that 
[00:10:45] Ms. Christine: [00:10:45] I didn't have to do things like I didn't even realize it, but it's like, 
[00:10:49] Krista Gable: [00:10:49] I've been a dominant my whole 
[00:10:50] Ms. Christine: [00:10:50] life.
[00:10:51] So I didn't realize that you could monetize that. So I literally turned my pain is in my power and everything that hurt me. I [00:11:00] monetize that and I became a professional dominator. Can I 
[00:11:03] Krista Gable: [00:11:03] pick that?
[00:11:14] I mean, clients have a safe word. I just accepted your friend request on Facebook. Yeah. 
[00:11:22] Ms. Christine: [00:11:22] So that's a 
[00:11:23] Jared Easley: [00:11:23] safe word. Is.
[00:11:30] Ms. Christine: [00:11:30] No, 
[00:11:30] Krista Gable: [00:11:30] but you're funny. I like to know a safe word is a must. Like if I, if I have any client, like I don't do so it's called safe, sane and consensual BDSM, or, you know, like play, like if you're gonna play, like, I don't do anything. Like a lot of times, if someone like bondage, then I'm going to do stuff where I can tie them down, chain them up, but I'm not going to suspend them in the air because.
[00:11:56] To me, safe, sane, and consensual is where, like, [00:12:00] there's no chance I'm gonna have to call the paramedics. Right. And I like not calling the paramedics and a lot of, a lot of clients, it was more of like verbal humiliation. Do you guys know what squashing is?
[00:12:15] Jared Easley: [00:12:15] And I'm afraid to Google it.
[00:12:19] Ms. Christine: [00:12:19] Please 
[00:12:22] Krista Gable: [00:12:22] washing is a form of a wet, wet, and messy fetishism, which is like where you want to be like fully immersed in like cake batter or. Any kind of guru it's tactile pudding. I mean, you know, that was another one sensory thing. I mean, it's slime. Slime was one of the biggest ones slime and you know, it's squashing anyway.
[00:12:50] So. So, yeah, it's kind of like, it was a lot of fun, like for a long time, I really, really enjoyed it. And anytime you do something like this, you always have to consider like, you know, [00:13:00] it's not about the money. I was very careful. Like I would not, I don't care if someone offered me a ton of money, if they would not screen.
[00:13:08] Whereas if I could not get them to screen and verify who they were, I would not see under no circumstances. Right. 
[00:13:14] Ms. Christine: [00:13:14] Yeah. 
[00:13:15] Jared Easley: [00:13:15] I feel like Christine's like imagining this big whiskey.
[00:13:22] Ms. Christine: [00:13:22] I'm not a big whiskey drinker, tequila, my thing, but you know, 
[00:13:29] Krista Gable: [00:13:29] so again, super duper active for three years because I, I decided I wanted to start investing in domain names. Which is digital real estate. So I always tell people I am a pro Dom and I liked fetish clubs, but now I own and both, and those were both super domains that are worth a lot of money.
[00:13:49] That's actually an excellent 
[00:13:50] Jared Easley: [00:13:50] transition because I'm curious about that. So how did you get into, and how do you feel about being in a, I, my understanding that's a male dominated 
[00:13:59] Ms. Christine: [00:13:59] field 
[00:13:59] Krista Gable: [00:13:59] right [00:14:00] now that we're Facebook friends. If you Google my name, if you Google Krista Gable, I, you should see, like I rebranded, I branded myself to domain Dom DL, MME.
[00:14:11] Like I am dominating domains and my tagline is dominate your industry. So my logo is stuff is very, very cool. It's got kind of like the it's sort of like a search thing, like glass for the internet. It's got like the masquerade thing. So. I'm kind of being like, you know, blatant about, you know, yeah. I'm still a dominatrix, whatever, or at heart.
[00:14:30] Anyway, I just, I love 
[00:14:33] Ms. Christine: [00:14:33] being, I'm very creative. I absolutely love thinking of original ideas. And I just, I don't know. I just got, I 
[00:14:40] Krista Gable: [00:14:40] just got into it and I absolutely loved it and also love the fact that, you know, like I was a, my nightclub owner, that's male 
[00:14:46] Ms. Christine: [00:14:46] dominated 
[00:14:46] Krista Gable: [00:14:46] industry. I love going after the male dominated industry, copies of male dominated industry, and my sister has taken ass with coffee.
[00:14:54] She's been doing it since 2013. She sold 
[00:14:57] Ms. Christine: [00:14:57] the corporate side of wellbeing for [00:15:00] millions of dollars. And now she's launched this awesome new rebrand with coffee, 
[00:15:04] Krista Gable: [00:15:04] with personality. And you know, 
[00:15:06] Ms. Christine: [00:15:06] I'm also a part of that as well. So I'm just like all over the place and 
[00:15:10] Krista Gable: [00:15:10] I love it. 
[00:15:11] Ms. Christine: [00:15:11] So as this podcast, we are all over the place I'm told you're related to Clark Gable.
[00:15:16] Can you tell us about 
[00:15:16] Krista Gable: [00:15:16] that? Unpack that. Okay. So, I mean, I don't know how it prove it, but my dad, my dad, Tom Gable, his great, great grandfather had seven sons and I believe William Clark Gable. I think it was in Ohio. Had I think that was. Clark Gable's dad. So it's a distant cousin. 
[00:15:36] Ms. Christine: [00:15:36] Wow. Yeah. 
[00:15:38] Jared Easley: [00:15:38] And I have to imagine Clark would be proud
[00:15:54] to say that he is right in the spirit of diversity. Also had a [00:16:00] rap career. Let's not hold back. I want to hear all about it. 
[00:16:03] Krista Gable: [00:16:03] No, it was not a career. I Oh, I must have said bipolar. Barbie,
[00:16:18] if you Google bipolar Barbie on YouTube, there's a bunch of stuff with random, but if you see the bipolar rubbery remix, I did make a song in 2009. I wrote it. I paid someone who can actually sing to sing the hook. And then I did the rap part, you know, it's like, I'm bipolar Barbie. I pixeled separately.
[00:16:41] Ms. Christine: [00:16:41] I'm hot
[00:16:46] Krista Gable: [00:16:46] spot. Anyway, it's on YouTube. It's a really crappy video, but yeah, bipolar Barbie. I don't know. See if you can find it on YouTube. I have really long hair back then. He probably won't even recognize me. And there's also some midgets in the video. 
[00:17:01] [00:17:00] Jared Easley: [00:17:01] I need to be spanked and pudding.
[00:17:10] Ms. Christine: [00:17:10] Can you freestyle crystal? It's not PG. 
[00:17:15] Jared Easley: [00:17:15] Oh man, that's too bad. I was going to say one of my ambitions and you know, hidden goals, you know, that Christine didn't know about was that I would, I would love to beat box and let you kind of, you know, freestyle. 
[00:17:26] Ms. Christine: [00:17:26] But 
[00:17:27] Krista Gable: [00:17:27] one thing I could think of is like, I mean, I have some stuff I've done in the past.
[00:17:30] Like I thought about like being like a ho on disability, I was like, I'm going to buy some government cheese with my food stamps, take my ass to the motel. Cause I'm a tramp. I'm a whole on disability. But see, like I can't, but no, but like I think of it. I also, I write these things down. I also, my boyfriend is a black guy and so I always thought that song, you know, my boyfriend's back, my boyfriend's back.
[00:17:56] And so I always do my boyfriend's black and I'm [00:18:00] gonna be 
[00:18:00] Ms. Christine: [00:18:00] in trouble. Oh, wow.
[00:18:10] Jared Easley: [00:18:10] We're not discouraging interracial relationships. 
[00:18:14] Ms. Christine: [00:18:14] I'm 
[00:18:14] Krista Gable: [00:18:14] all about my black man is hot and I got, and I got the Amber and Amber Rose haircut going on. So I also, um, I, uh, would, I like to ideal what would have to say with all my years of dealing with. Men and their balls, like I did, I had to tell people like you have to wash your balls before I'm going to beat them.
[00:18:35] So I did write a rap song about magma, but it's not PG it's too bad. Now. Lost your balls. Uh, Oh, smelly crack. Why does your ass Rica, cheddar and Jack anyway. Oh, 
[00:18:52] Ms. Christine: [00:18:52] no, get him back on topic. 
[00:18:56] Krista Gable: [00:18:56] Okay. 
[00:18:58] Ms. Christine: [00:18:58] Okay. Jared [00:19:00] says, all right. Now, Chris, what has been your go-to or what was your go-to during lockdown? Like any hobbies or things the past time and keep you from getting stir crazy.
[00:19:09] Krista Gable: [00:19:09] Yeah. Literally the fact that they told me not to leave my house was the best thing, because it is way too people outside. I don't leave my house. I'm like ever since I, you know, no, I used to be in the limelight in the, in the, no, no, no. Today I left to go to the barber for him to like shave my head basically and put designs on my hair.
[00:19:30] So everybody looked at me like I'm a weirdo and I had to go to Walgreens and I had a panic attack. I love being in. Side. I don't like I've changed. I used to be like out all the time. I love nothing more than to be told, stay at home. Cause that's what I do best
[00:19:56] Ms. Christine: [00:19:56] at home. Do you do any reading, playing any video [00:20:00] games, doing any blogging, blogging, 
[00:20:03] Krista Gable: [00:20:03] anything like that? So I haven't blogged anybody in a while, but when I do it's expensive.
[00:20:15] Jared Easley: [00:20:15] Where's your mind? Crystal
[00:20:20] Ms. Christine: [00:20:20] blogger. 
[00:20:21] Krista Gable: [00:20:21] Okay. Anyway, um, I'm obsessed with them. I'm obsessed. I, for the last three years, I've done nothing but read about the future and I've registered, I own over 1200 domain names and, um, I paid for some, I paid $8 and for Sonata, some I paid almost 10,000 for her name. So yeah, it's uh, I I've literally put, I would say.
[00:20:44] All that money I made as a dominatrix, I, I put into digital real estate and, um, that's my passion now. Interesting. But I'll still wit some, but I mean, I'll still kick an ass or two for, you know, about $600
[00:21:01] [00:21:00] Jared Easley: [00:21:01] after this, 
[00:21:02] Krista Gable: [00:21:02] where I'd refer to virtually kick their ass, which normally is, you know, that's more like mental grit, you know, 
[00:21:09] Ms. Christine: [00:21:09] promo code when we push this out.
[00:21:17] Jared Easley: [00:21:17] Ms. Christine. Yeah. Oh my let's talk about coffee. I need, I'm going to move to coffee, wellbeing, coffee. Let's 
[00:21:27] Ms. Christine: [00:21:27] talk about, 
[00:21:28] Krista Gable: [00:21:28] so yeah, the website is I actually acquired that domain on my sister's behalf because she actually owned, which is. You know, when you're going to be doing e-commerce, you want to own your exact match
[00:21:44] Right? So she now owns and it, it does redirect right now to well dash bean. However, tomorrow we actually have a lifestyle photo shoot, where we're going to be shooting with a bunch of different types of diverse models with the product. Um, [00:22:00] some of the coffee bags, we call it coffee with personality.
[00:22:02] If you look up The bags, the packaging, it's all specialty coffee, the direct tray. And my sister owns the roastery, the farmers and everything that makes 
[00:22:13] Ms. Christine: [00:22:13] the coffee are from Nicaragua. So it's, um, 
[00:22:16] Krista Gable: [00:22:16] it is the very high end coffee. It's 
[00:22:18] Ms. Christine: [00:22:18] amazing coffee, um, different types of coffee. 
[00:22:21] Krista Gable: [00:22:21] Yeah. And so like the, she did so bougie blend is that's going to be, I guess.
[00:22:28] I mean, I think maybe I kind of inspire her to do bougie blend, so she's. She's actually we've made the bag of bougie blend is that's going to be what I wear tomorrow, like the sunglasses and the hat and all that. But there's also like her vision is for, because also copy's a male dominated industry and I would love for you guys to interview her because she also has a, she's a more on the normal side.
[00:22:50] But, um, she is amazing. She only 
[00:22:54] Jared Easley: [00:22:54] charges $500.
[00:22:59] Krista Gable: [00:22:59] She's a mom [00:23:00] for newer. Um, she got a husband and two boys and, you know, she, she's brilliant. She's my youngest sister. I'm the oldest of five kids. So, but yeah, she is another brand. One of her other packaging is called hot mess. So it's. The, if you look online, it's like the hot mess has got like a room messy, and it's almost like we're attracting the, you know, we salute the mompreneurs with your hot, messy bonds and your yoga pants and you know, their whole stay at home women in business.
[00:23:28] And you're also homeschool and your kids. So. Yeah, so it's, and then other ones slay the day. And we also have positive Nancy and, uh, bougie. Glen is my favorite for the semi weirdos who liked the less caffeine. They have better half, which is almost 
[00:23:44] Ms. Christine: [00:23:44] like a, a couple, you know, whether it be husband and wife, two women, you know, whatever.
[00:23:50] You and your partner, like who's 
[00:23:52] Krista Gable: [00:23:52] the better half, 
[00:23:53] Ms. Christine: [00:23:53] which I think is going to be great for Valentine's day, her decaf, which I don't know why people even greet 
[00:23:57] Krista Gable: [00:23:57] me Catholic. She does that a decaf called [00:24:00] simmer down and she has another one called scissor kick. So like it's nine different bags of beautifully packaged.
[00:24:06] Amazing specialty coffee. And it's awesome. Like, I can't wait for some of the right people to just hear about this and promote it. And I think it's going to go 
[00:24:14] Ms. Christine: [00:24:14] huge sploshing of the coffee beans at the photo shoot tomorrow.
[00:24:25] But I do have an idea that 
[00:24:26] Krista Gable: [00:24:26] she actually laughed at, but I think she's going to let me do we want to do like a digital rewards program and, um, I have the domain, uh, bean bucks, but it's spelled being B U So I've redirected that to her. And I want to do like a, you know, the thing, if you're happy and, you know, dah, dah, dah.
[00:24:43] So I want to do, if you're happy and you know, it share your beans. And I want to like pour a bag of coffee beans over this guy's head. So that's maybe. Squashing. 
[00:24:53] Jared Easley: [00:24:53] That sounds like a 
[00:24:53] Krista Gable: [00:24:53] cool t-shirt. Yeah, it does. If you're happy and, you know, sharing your veins. Yeah.
[00:25:08] [00:25:00] Jared Easley: [00:25:08] Now, are you like, uh, are you just like, uh, an affiliate or a franchise owner? 
[00:25:14] Krista Gable: [00:25:14] No. So, okay. So my, my sister owns the business. She is doing a lot of different things right now. What she has me doing is she has me helping her with influencer marketing and certain things like that. She, I, in no way owned the car bunny or anything, she just I'm helping her.
[00:25:33] I've I've 
[00:25:33] Ms. Christine: [00:25:33] acquired some of the domain name for her, but I think long-term, I'm going to be more into the like influencer side of things 
[00:25:40] Krista Gable: [00:25:40] where I find 
[00:25:41] Ms. Christine: [00:25:41] female 
[00:25:42] Krista Gable: [00:25:42] influencers. Get her on things like these types of podcasts, get her out there and things 
[00:25:48] Ms. Christine: [00:25:48] like that. So I don't have any ownership of the company. I just she's my sister and 
[00:25:52] Krista Gable: [00:25:52] I, I 
[00:25:53] Ms. Christine: [00:25:53] love what she does.
[00:25:54] And she liked my weird, crazy brain. So we kind of like are mixing 
[00:25:58] Krista Gable: [00:25:58] the two together, but [00:26:00] again, this is all her, this is all hers. I'm just contributing what, what I can to help her because. I love her and we're close. And also because, 
[00:26:08] Ms. Christine: [00:26:08] you know, bougie blends, I mean, I am the boozy blend 
[00:26:12] Jared Easley: [00:26:12] and it sounds like you obviously love the coffee as well, so it's 
[00:26:17] Krista Gable: [00:26:17] good.
[00:26:17] Yeah. Yeah. If you look, actually, since now that we're Facebook friends, Jared, if you look on my Facebook page, someone, a friend of mine who owns the domain gang, he actually wrote an article today. The first thing on my page, it says, uh, who loves great coffee. And he actually did an article about. My sister and also my me helping her with the domains and all that stuff.
[00:26:38] So that, that's actually the first thing posted on my Facebook page, the writeup. So that's another, some of the other stuff I'm doing to help her get, but again, she's very well-connected and I would literally, I would love for you guys to interview her another time, for sure. Yeah. We're definitely 
[00:26:53] Ms. Christine: [00:26:53] going to try to connect, just connect us.
[00:26:54] Yeah. What's the best way for our listeners to connect with you. 
[00:26:58] Krista Gable: [00:26:58] So, well, [00:27:00] I'm Krista Renee Gable on Facebook, but again, it's not always PG. I mean, I'm transparent. Like I said, I don't have anything so they can Google me and Krista Gable, a domain, Dom domain, Dio MME. That's my handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
[00:27:20] I have tons of a lot of the domains that I own actually make Facebook 
[00:27:25] Ms. Christine: [00:27:25] pages for like, um, So I'm Krista Gable 
[00:27:31] Jared Easley: [00:27:31] and we appreciate your time. As we close out here, we always like to close out with final thoughts. Is there anything that, uh, just on your heart and you just want to get it out there and, uh, maybe it's a word of encouragement.
[00:27:41] Maybe it 
[00:27:41] Krista Gable: [00:27:41] isn't. Well, I, um, as I was driving today and. You know, everyone's having a hard time right now, but like some people, they, they always, you know, they think they're having a bad day. Like a lot of times, you know, I deal with anxiety and depression and a lot of that stuff. And, um, anxiety is the worst.
[00:27:59] And [00:28:00] so when I'm having, when I'm feeling anxious, when I do have to leave the house. When I go somewhere, I always try to like find someone who I know is having a hard time and like make them 
[00:28:08] Ms. Christine: [00:28:08] smile or something because it's a crazy world 
[00:28:11] Krista Gable: [00:28:11] we live in and, you know, never, ever judged someone 
[00:28:14] Ms. Christine: [00:28:14] by the way, they look like some of the people who you would just dug by looking at them.
[00:28:19] They have the biggest heart and a way that I actually cope with 
[00:28:22] Krista Gable: [00:28:22] anxiety is like, I love to help people. And so like right now, like I'm having a blast in clubhouse 
[00:28:28] Ms. Christine: [00:28:28] by just helping people who don't know about domain names, I'm helping people name their 
[00:28:32] Krista Gable: [00:28:32] business and, you know, I don't want any money for it.
[00:28:34] I'm just like, I love the feeling of helping someone else. So like today, for example, I went to Walgreens and there was someone in there and I could tell they were struggling. So I think that I made them smile. And I want to say that, you know, that's what I like. 
[00:28:48] Ms. Christine: [00:28:48] That's what makes me happy. It's know that I made an impact on someone else's life.
[00:28:52] Jared Easley: [00:28:52] Well said, Chris, we, we are, uh, again, grateful for your time. I certainly, I don't know what I expected, but this [00:29:00] was a, it certainly exceeded, I wish you the absolute best. I'm thankful that we could be friends and look forward to catching up with you and meeting your sister and hopefully having her own show as well.
[00:29:11] Krista Gable: [00:29:11] Absolutely. Well I'm sure Ms. Christine going to send me the link when this podcast gets released and then I can tell everybody. Yes ma'am. 
[00:29:19] Ms. Christine: [00:29:19] Okay. 
[00:29:22] Krista Gable: [00:29:22] All right. Y'all have a great rest of your 
[00:29:24] Ms. Christine: [00:29:24] day. .