Starve the Doubts

Sarah Slurpie voted #1 Me

February 07, 2021 Jared Easley
Starve the Doubts
Sarah Slurpie voted #1 Me
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Sarah Slurpie is a multi-talented girl with diverse interests. She enjoys sewing and playing VR games, as well as graphic design. Her Tech savviness made her the unofficial #1 voted clubhouse influencer of all time! Stay FIT by connecting with Sarah on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter :)

Also, please say hello to Ms. Christine on Twitter & Instagram. She LOVES it when you do that.

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Starve the Doubts - Sarah Slurpie
[00:00:00] Sarah Slurpie: [00:00:00] Honestly, kids are the inspiration right now. We're going through such a weird change right now. Even people that aren't as parents being out in the open, we see everything that's going on. And I think the biggest inspiration is kids, their resilience, their hope.
[00:00:19] Jared Easley: [00:00:19] Welcome back to the podcast. My name is Jared. Of course. You're not here for me. You're here for  miss Christine, how are you? 
[00:00:26] Sarah Slurpie: [00:00:26] I'm freaking awesome. 
[00:00:27] Jared Easley: [00:00:27] Yeah. Yeah. I'm behaving. I'm humble, keeping it cool, it's a good thing when you get the tech savvy, Sarah Slurpee on via phone call.
[00:00:37] So I am so proud. It's easier now, Sarah, I'm sorry, but Ms. Christine hasn't really told me much about you just that you, so that you play VR and you graphic design, clearly you're tech savvy is this interview. You are artificially. Number one voted most attractive lady on clubhouse. 
[00:00:57] Sarah Slurpie: [00:00:57] Is that correct?
[00:00:58]I do try to live up to that. [00:01:00] So if anyone like to leave a Yelp review after this, definitely go ahead and
[00:01:07] no, 
[00:01:08] Ms. Christine: [00:01:08] hopefully I got some Twitter reviews. No, her quote is number one, voted number one. Me here on clubhouse, 
[00:01:15] Sarah Slurpie: [00:01:15] I think. Is it word for word? Correct. And I think I'm living up to that. So if anyone would like to try and compete. 
[00:01:24] Jared Easley: [00:01:24] Christine was once in like the top 50 most attractive women on Blab, I think. 
[00:01:28] Sarah Slurpie: [00:01:28] I'm going to say she's one of the most attractive women in the world. 
[00:01:33] Music: [00:01:33] I 
[00:01:34] Jared Easley: [00:01:34] needed that. Yeah,
[00:01:39]Sarah Slurpie: [00:01:39] I got my pumper. This apartment is 
[00:01:41] Ms. Christine: [00:01:41] not big enough for that. Now, Sarah, I know you went on a hike recently and there was a water shortage. Do you want to tell Jared a little 
[00:01:49] Sarah Slurpie: [00:01:49] bit about, Oh yeah, there definitely was a water shortage. It was flowing water and needed some more. So you would like to help fill it out, 
[00:02:01] [00:02:00] Jared Easley: [00:02:01] bring your pills.
[00:02:02]If you're ever in that situation, what do you encourage someone else to do 
[00:02:06] Sarah Slurpie: [00:02:06] for us? It was a beautiful sight and everything was pretty much done. What is what you get, but that's pretty much how it went. And when we did consider going behind a rock and he just, doing the thing and bringing it to nature, there was a lots of science that said, mind the plants.
[00:02:20] I don't understand that part, but it was a good little hike. 
[00:02:25] Ms. Christine: [00:02:25] Yes. Gigi got your steps then 
[00:02:27] Sarah Slurpie: [00:02:27] Gigi 
[00:02:29] Jared Easley: [00:02:29] behind a few rocks in her day. I believe 
[00:02:32] Sarah Slurpie: [00:02:32] I can neither confirm nor deny that 
[00:02:35] Jared Easley: [00:02:35] that's another podcast episode and Sarah will have you co-host on that one. One of the questions I love to ask new guest is of course I love music and what's your pre COVID.
[00:02:46] Of course what's the best concert that you've ever 
[00:02:48] Sarah Slurpie: [00:02:48] been to. Honestly, the best vintage is the blink one 82 concert with a little Wayne. Yeah, it was great. It was not only living at my childhood memories, but [00:03:00] a little Wayne for him to be who he is, the way that he just pumped up the group was, I don't know.
[00:03:07] It was just celebs on full and just, it would be to see them motivate each other. That's Panther. Yeah, 
[00:03:13] Jared Easley: [00:03:13] I don't think, I don't think we've ever had anyone answer with that. Christine 
[00:03:18] Ms. Christine: [00:03:18] two and little Wayne. No, it's usually some somebody spring garden, something that I'd never heard about. And then I'm quiet and then you're like, Ms.
[00:03:27] Christine, can you name 
[00:03:28] Music: [00:03:28] one of their 
[00:03:29] Jared Easley: [00:03:29] songs? Caucasian male that you're seeing growing up in Philly. She's who.
[00:03:40] Sarah Slurpie: [00:03:40] Okay, 
[00:03:40] Ms. Christine: [00:03:40] so we're going to do it, this and that. Now, Sarah. Okay. So this or that whiskey 
[00:03:46] Sarah Slurpie: [00:03:46] or white cloth, I'm not that much of a white girl. I play one, but
[00:03:55] Jared Easley: [00:03:55] technically white call, but yeah, if you don't want to be a white girl, let's do this or that [00:04:00] again. Or tacos. 
[00:04:02] Sarah Slurpie: [00:04:02] Enchiladas. And I'm a horrible Mexican, but I've been told I make a mean Potter.
[00:04:13] Yeah. I usually do half and half, but like the green side with the chicken and then the red sauce would be,
[00:04:23] Oh yeah. I'll send them out and we'll go hiking to get there. Yeah. 
[00:04:28] Ms. Christine: [00:04:28] I'll Venmo you some money for the grocery 
[00:04:30] Sarah Slurpie: [00:04:30] list. Definitely bring your own water.
[00:04:37] That is the true water shortage right there. My husband decided to feed me lots of whiskey the night before, and when I made it onto my almost third cup, he then announced that we were going hiking in the morning as a very mean joke. So we could bond closer. That's a fun time. 
[00:04:54] Jared Easley: [00:04:54] What a nurturing guy, 
[00:04:57] Ms. Christine: [00:04:57] Sarah.
[00:04:58] I know you've lived at a [00:05:00] few different locations. Where is, or has been your 
[00:05:02] Sarah Slurpie: [00:05:02] favorite place? Wyoming. Hands down. Gorgeous. I know when you say Wyoming, it's like, what is even there?
[00:05:16] You will, when you, when they say, we have America, the beautiful and the purple rolling mountains. It's true. If you go out there and you climb a mountain, there's nothing there, but you get America. The beautiful it's gorgeous. Now, when did you live out there? Or how long ago? I guess three years ago now.
[00:05:34] Not very long. Yeah. 
[00:05:36] Jared Easley: [00:05:36] Ms. Christine is a big supporter of education. And so this next question is you currently homeschool your children. Did you homeschool your children prior to this? 
[00:05:46] Sarah Slurpie: [00:05:46] I did. I did. I was very upset with a brick and mortar type schooling. And just growing up, I realized that everyone learns differently and big classrooms are great if you can do it.
[00:05:58] But I really [00:06:00] think for my kids, especially it's, it was the best thing I've ever done to see their grades skyrocket. And they actually loved school. It's weird.
[00:06:19] Jared Easley: [00:06:19] what were some of the things? I'm a parent and I get it, but what were some of the things that this had chanted you about? Public school. And I was a product of public school, so you don't have to do the choir here, but I'm curious, what were some of the things that made you realize now let's try the homeschool option.
[00:06:33] Sarah Slurpie: [00:06:33] Honestly, it came down to really asking my tips because I'm someone that's. What are you learning today? What did you learn today? And the moment that I got so many I just went to school mom and they didn't have much of an answer. Yeah, we had homework and it was, when you're a parent, you have to be involved with the homework.
[00:06:47] And when you're a parent, you're sitting there like what is, and then you notice the repetitiveness of it is just what are kids actually learning in school or are they just being told to memorize? And I don't get the [00:07:00] point of memorization when you're telling your kid, you can be anything you want.
[00:07:03] And in reality, if you're just memorizing. And you try to go for that big career goal. You're stuck in a hard place. And I don't know, maybe money plays a factor in that when it comes to schooling. And I think it's ridiculous that the majority of the school year union, maybe get like three to four months of actual schooling and the rest of the month is how do you fill out bubbles?
[00:07:22] On the star test, get money to the school. 
[00:07:25] Jared Easley: [00:07:25] Let's talk about balance. So I would imagine that's, cause you have a lot of things that you do, but then also, the responsibility of me in there to homeschool the kids and stuff. Like how are you able to manage? 
[00:07:35] Sarah Slurpie: [00:07:35] Yeah. It's hard. It's definitely hard.
[00:07:38] It makes me closer with the kids at the same time. It's horrible because we definitely are head to head, we hate each other. I get the once in a while. You're a mean mom, but it's also neat cause I get the you're a cool mom and mom, I actually understand it, which is really neat to see them, give me the props, the things back, but honestly the biggest props [00:08:00] to them for, or pushing through and wanting to do the work.
[00:08:03] Other than that, it does interfere like relationship wise. But if I could go back in time and have. Correct. That gave me the chance to be a real more one-on-one. I really think I would have been more confident. And so really just bringing more confidence to the kiddos 
[00:08:17] Jared Easley: [00:08:17] question about this, Christina, I don't mean to keep the button in here, but I've heard that outing, if criticism is the right word, but one concern that some parents might have about homeschooling is a, is this going to have an impact on my children in terms of social development?
[00:08:31] What have you been able to 
[00:08:33] Sarah Slurpie: [00:08:33] navigate that? That is a big thing. When we first started off, it was, I had a lot of people that didn't agree with me. Obviously I'm cleaning family and even myself, I was they're going to miss out on friendships and the social aspects and, are they going to be little shelter clams in the end and to a certain degree?
[00:08:50] Yeah, but if you're a good parent and you're, if you're pushing enough in your whole point is to get them a good career, you've got to introduce the social aspect. So I think it all comes [00:09:00] down to, don't be lazy about it. And so for us, definitely getting them into sports, getting them to really interact clubs even, and even social media, I think is, I don't want my kids on the computer all the time or on an app all the time, but this is a new day and age.
[00:09:17] And so I try to find every Avenue to get them out in the social world. And yeah, it works for us. It's not going to work for everyone, so I don't push the homeschool on anybody, but I do believe that everyone does learn differently and some kids need them more. 
[00:09:33] Jared Easley: [00:09:33] So you require your kids to do a tick tock video once a week.
[00:09:38] Sarah Slurpie: [00:09:38] I'm not going to lie. I do. I encourage them to any sort of creativity and pushing stuff out there. Yeah, I really do. Now, keeping up with the higher 
[00:09:47] Ms. Christine: [00:09:47] learning. What's the 
[00:09:48] Sarah Slurpie: [00:09:48] last book that you've read all the way through.
[00:09:54] Jared Easley: [00:09:54] Doesn't have to be that. We're 
[00:09:56] Music: [00:09:56] curious. Yeah. [00:10:00] 
[00:10:00]Sarah Slurpie: [00:10:00] I do have one and I cannot remember the title cause I just started reading it, but it has to do with Obama and Biden and it's like a mystery book and go on great adventures together.
[00:10:15]Yeah. It's a good read. And I did in book by far one of my favorites,
[00:10:30] Music: [00:10:30] the choose your 
[00:10:30] Ms. Christine: [00:10:30] own adventure. 
[00:10:33] Sarah Slurpie: [00:10:33] It's a riot. It's a little slow pace, but it is so much fun. 
[00:10:37] Jared Easley: [00:10:37] Wow. Okay. I was not expecting that answer, Christine, I'm going to share some deep insights self-help book and I guess that's what that is. 
[00:10:48] Sarah Slurpie: [00:10:48] That's called never the eyes. And there's also hope rides again, and it's just really neat and mystery adventure of Obama and Biden.
[00:10:57] Wow. 
[00:10:59]Jared Easley: [00:10:59] I am grateful [00:11:00] that you shared that and I am curious, I will be taking notes 
[00:11:04] Music: [00:11:04] right now. I am taking notes.
[00:11:11] Jared Easley: [00:11:11] So we'll move beyond that. That I've heard from Christine that you're into the VR AR what's your favorite VR game or application? 
[00:11:20] Sarah Slurpie: [00:11:20] Oh, faith at the moment. Hands down. It's 
[00:11:24] Jared Easley: [00:11:24] game-changing all so for those that don't know, and there might be, so just go 
[00:11:28] ahead 
[00:11:28] Music: [00:11:28] and 
[00:11:30] Jared Easley: [00:11:30] give a little 
[00:11:30] Sarah Slurpie: [00:11:30] okay. So think real life, but you get to be any character.
[00:11:35] You want bubbles sides and that's really what it is. Facebook meets real life. A phone call away these strap on the headset, and you can choose a world. You can make a world. And it's really like an after bar session, or an after a conference session where you're now at the bar with everybody else.
[00:11:52] But there's so many things you can do from just hanging out, to creating with each other, to flying around and throwing basketballs at [00:12:00] walls. It's just getting out of your reality, but not necessarily. Playing a video game. You're with other people from all of the world from all different walks of life and yeah, there's no pictures.
[00:12:12] The judge off of there's no wealth status to compare from literally the same. Yeah. And did I hear you correctly? I'm sorry. No, go ahead. I know, just saying, had I got Christine on there and I don't know.
[00:12:30]Jared Easley: [00:12:30] Think Christine on Twitch and she's like killing people. Like where's all this anger, 
[00:12:38] Ms. Christine: [00:12:38] it's so much fun, man. It's so 
[00:12:39] much 
[00:12:40] Music: [00:12:40] fun. 
[00:12:41] Jared Easley: [00:12:41] So did I hear you Sarah? You said this particular game does allow a, is encouraged a whiskey or white claw. Is that.
[00:12:52] Sarah Slurpie: [00:12:52] Exactly. And we have one in both hands at all.
[00:13:09] [00:13:00] I didn't play it, but I see my God. That's all. That's a good one. Very good one.
[00:13:23] Ms. Christine: [00:13:23] Okay. Now, Sarah, besides the VR are any recommendations for people against their crazy at home, during this pandemic, 
[00:13:30] Sarah Slurpie: [00:13:30] Yeah, don't drink too much, but drink enough,
[00:13:39] drink enough.
[00:13:45] Anything you've always said that you're going to do just do it. Is the main thing, just do it. And if you end up hating error, it just doesn't work out. Then, move on to the next thing you haven't done. Like the best time for live out your craziest bucket list because [00:14:00] who's there to judge you. Now.
[00:14:01] I 
[00:14:01] Jared Easley: [00:14:01] want to know what's on that bucket 
[00:14:03] Sarah Slurpie: [00:14:03] else, man, to conquer the world for myself.
[00:14:18] That's true,
[00:14:26] Jared Easley: [00:14:26] Christine. I think I know my 
[00:14:27] Sarah Slurpie: [00:14:27] answer. 
[00:14:30] Ms. Christine: [00:14:30] Okay. So to go to at least one super bowl or one like NBA, all star game, I have to do 
[00:14:36] Sarah Slurpie: [00:14:36] one of those, or both of them 
[00:14:40] Ms. Christine: [00:14:40] go into the super bowl in Tampa. Not there in this pandemic. 
[00:14:43] Sarah Slurpie: [00:14:43] Sorry, Sarah.
[00:14:47] Ms. Christine: [00:14:47] I'm going to virtually go to the super bowl. Let's do 
[00:14:49] Music: [00:14:49] it
[00:14:54] Jared Easley: [00:14:54] a little bit of money. 
[00:14:56] Music: [00:14:56] Yeah, just a little 
[00:14:57] Ms. Christine: [00:14:57] bit, then I can go and invest [00:15:00] in GameStop and aims
[00:15:04] Music: [00:15:04] on Robin hood when they 
[00:15:06] Sarah Slurpie: [00:15:06] unlock it for people. 
[00:15:09] Jared Easley: [00:15:09] Oh my God. I still have credibility. Okay. I was going to say, I thought your bucket list was like to get a particular Jersey. 
[00:15:20] Ms. Christine: [00:15:20] But when I go to that NBA, all star game, I will be wearing my Allen Iverson throwback that was stolen for me years and years ago, I'm going to track it down or relocate it 
[00:15:30] Music: [00:15:30] and wherever it to the all-star 
[00:15:32] Jared Easley: [00:15:32] game.
[00:15:32] Well, Sarah, I always try to the Jersey and every episode, that's a running gag,
[00:15:42] Ms. Christine: [00:15:42] but he won't tell you about what that black jacket.
[00:15:54] Jared Easley: [00:15:54] I have no idea about the black jacket, but I do know that you don't have it [00:16:00] anymore. And that's a source of frustration for you for 
[00:16:05] Sarah Slurpie: [00:16:05] maybe going to find it 
[00:16:06] Ms. Christine: [00:16:06] gone to counseling for it,  recovery, you keep bringing it up. It's very traumatic. I have PTSD. And you know what, I really appreciate you taking this seriously.
[00:16:17] Jared Easley: [00:16:17] But my next question to Sarah May shed some light on what's happened here. Sarah, I've heard you're into tear card reading. I want to hear how you got into that. And I don't know that can solve Christine's problem that problem. 
[00:16:30] Music: [00:16:30] But tell us about that. 
[00:16:33] Sarah Slurpie: [00:16:33] No, I was like 13 and my aunt decided she told me one day that she was going to cope with witches and I, for the longest time, I thought she was just kidding.
[00:16:42] She really was. She didn't consider herself a witch, but she thought it would be fun to get me a pack of taro cards. And from there, I was just, I think I came very obsessive with it, with a buying the deck. And then I find I only really dipped into it, but maybe five, six years ago, like really getting to it, [00:17:00] I think the blast, but I also, it's very general and I did pull for a casino.
[00:17:07] She did 
[00:17:07] Ms. Christine: [00:17:07] one day and it was kinda like, I don't know what's going on here with this card. And I tried to look it up to the, whatever moth something night mob. Like I Googled it to see if somebody else had a different interpretation of it. Yeah. Cause I'm like, I really want to get down to it, but I couldn't really find that same card.
[00:17:25] So that brings me kinda to a question I have. There are so many different decks. I follow somebody and she's always put in like a new deck she has or whatever. Like how do you pick a deck? Did he like speak to you? Or are you like this one looks cool. And like how many decks do you 
[00:17:37] Sarah Slurpie: [00:17:37] even have? Oh, God, I probably have at least 15 to 18 deck, but yeah, so they say you're not supposed to buy your own first deck ever.
[00:17:46] You're supposed to be given it to you as a gift. And that person is supposed to feel like that resonates with you. And I do believe in that I've had ones where people have picked them out for me, and I hate them. I don't use them. Like they just, I don't like the [00:18:00] interpretations. I don't like the pictures.
[00:18:01] So that's really what you base it off of. And I don't know, I don't believe in all of it because it is so general, but I look at it as the same way as putting like an inspirational quote on your mirror for the day and really believing in it. I could take your card to scene and because I'm reading it to you, you're processing and making it a part of you, but I could take that same card and bring it to someone else.
[00:18:26] And maybe three out of five people, it resignates with them as well. So it. It's really all just  an energy type inner love with yourself, and what you want to do with it.
[00:18:46] Jared Easley: [00:18:46] So you kinda made a comment that caught my attention just now, as you said that, some of it, I don't really. Buy into or whatever. So is this just for entertainment purposes or is it a, is there is something to this that you feel is legitimate or like I, and I'm coming from [00:19:00] zero understanding of this stuff.
[00:19:01] I have no concept of how this works or what it is even part 
[00:19:05] Sarah Slurpie: [00:19:05] of it. Yeah. I'm still I'm I questioned everything. I questioned why are we here on earth? Where do we come from really outside of what we're told and even beyond the Bible and beyond, Netflix series. So I really think there is something to do with it energy-wise or whatever.
[00:19:25] We are. I've, I have hold cards to where I'm not thinking about anything and they're way too spot on. And it's a weird coincidence maybe, or I don't know. There's something about it. Interesting. Mysterious. And I absolutely love it. Who is currently doing something that inspires you 
[00:19:46] Music: [00:19:46] at 
[00:19:46] Jared Easley: [00:19:46] the super bowl?
[00:19:52] Sarah Slurpie: [00:19:52] Let's see, as someone that's inspiring me right now, people that aren't pushing their thoughts on the [00:20:00] others. I don't have any one particular it's, I'm such a people watcher. Just anyone that's out there doing things minus what, then turning on Fox news or opening their Facebook and being told that they have to take a supplement because their ad said so, or turning on the news and being told that we have to stand up and why not just live your life?
[00:20:21]Yeah, I just shout out to everyone. That's just doing their own thing. So I have to stop taking my Centrum silver. If you
[00:20:32] Google ads day-to-day 
[00:20:36] Jared Easley: [00:20:36] Oh, that's a good, that's a good response. Actually. Do you have any other specific examples? You've talked about just, some relevant stuff, but what else, anything else that pops in your head of an example of that? 
[00:20:46] Sarah Slurpie: [00:20:46] I'm just doing your own thing.
[00:20:51] Yeah, kids, honestly, kids are the inspiration right now. We're going through such a weird change right now. And [00:21:00] even people that aren't adult or aren't parents being out in the open, we see everything that's going on. And I think the biggest inspiration is kids, their resilience, their hope. If I'm in a freakout moment of the day and I can sit down and talk with my kids and they really gave me such positivity and I'm very open with my kids.
[00:21:20] With what's going on in the world. I try not to sugar coat anything. Cause I can't do the whole, everything's good in the world and everything's going to get better, but just to get their outlook on everything. And we've changed so much for them. They're going from school hops to, losing out on friends, having family members die and not understanding what's going on.
[00:21:39] Still have kids that are getting bullied wherever, you have maybe parents, but aren't. Being, the best of parents are just don't know how to be the best of parents. And I just, I feel like kids are now the biggest inspiration right now for 
[00:21:53] Jared Easley: [00:21:53] change. So Sarah, as we start to wrap up here, I'm sure there's going to be listeners that want to reach out and [00:22:00] connect and stay connected with what you're up to and what you're doing.
[00:22:02] What's the best place for them 
[00:22:03] Sarah Slurpie: [00:22:03] to do that. Honestly, I'm on a little bit of everything. So if you just look at Sarah's therapy, that's me and I don't put on a front I me all day, every day, 24 seven. And I'm probably on almost any websites that you are 
[00:22:22] Ms. Christine: [00:22:22] you so much for being with us today. And we're just gonna end up with any final thoughts for our 
[00:22:26] Sarah Slurpie: [00:22:26] listeners.
[00:22:27] Yeah, invest in a really good Canadian whiskey, the best way to go smooth. It goes down real good. And it won't make you tipsy. You heard 
[00:22:38] Ms. Christine: [00:22:38] it here first. 
[00:22:40] Jared Easley: [00:22:40] These are words. Great wisdom. 
[00:22:42] Music: [00:22:42] Wisdom. 
[00:22:45] Ms. Christine: [00:22:45] Are you charging for this? Sarah 
[00:22:49] Jared Easley: [00:22:49] I'm Googling Canadian 
[00:22:51] Sarah Slurpie: [00:22:51] It's delicious 
[00:22:55] Ms. Christine: [00:22:55] shout out to our pretend sponsor. 
[00:22:59] Sarah Slurpie: [00:22:59] I'm here for you.  
[00:22:59] Jared Easley: [00:22:59] I [00:23:00] have a 40 or 40 
[00:23:04] Ms. Christine: [00:23:04] instead of a 40 ounce. 
[00:23:07] Jared Easley: [00:23:07] No more 40, 40 Creek 
[00:23:09]Music: [00:23:09] Upgrades. 
[00:23:11] Jared Easley: [00:23:11] All right, Sarah, we
[00:23:15] hopefully can have you back on here in a few months, you can catch us up on the other good stuff 
[00:23:19] Sarah Slurpie: [00:23:19] going. Thank you so much. You guys are amazing. Thank you, 
[00:23:23] Music: [00:23:23] Sarah. .